Tuesday 1 December 2020

More troops for the 1745 Jacobite Rising

 I continue to be inspired to paint more of these lovely figures, I am surprising myself with how nice some of the "other" ranges actually are, the initial plan had been to use just the fantastic Flags of War range, but picking up bits and pieces from other suppliers on ebay I have been pleasantly surprised.

For the Highlanders in particular this is no bad thing, the more variety I can introduce the better I feel.

I was also keen to represent some of the Loyalist units so this first picture shows the standard bearers for the Glasgow Regiment, they fought at Falkirk so these are guys who actually saw action and will make a nice addition with perhaps 2 groups of 8 making up the unit.

The chap to the left is an Ebor Great Northern War Russian Pikeman with a separate head from Flags of War swapped on. The chap on the right is a Warfare miniatures League of Augsburg pikeman similarly with Flags of War swapped head. I particularly like the head on the Warfare figure.
I like how they have come out, both the flags are from the Flags of War 1745 range.

Four more musketeers of Barrels regiment, all Flags of War miniatures from the loading pack. Really like these.
In the campaign gear they are a simple paint job and come out lovely, at least I think they do. 6 more and Barrels will be complete. 
Just the musicians to do for the moment and then finish off with a pack of 4 from the new packs in the kickstarter, see which ones add most character.
Each batch is getting ever so slightly different coloured leggings so they look a bit more random when I put them all back together.
Four more highlanders, these are General Hawleys "Arrant Scum", nice mix of manufacturers.
First from left is a Redoubt figure, I was really dubious about these and this one in particular but I think its brilliant, so much dynamism in the swirling shirt. The next two are both from Warlord, again really nice although all three are properly ECW figures, I hope to use them for my Elizabethan Ireland project too.
The figure on the right is a Front Rank musketeer, I want a few of these as small skirmisher units, hoping that Flags of War will do skirmishing clansmen at some point, I think that would be ideal for both Jacobites and Loyalist Militias.

The tartans are still really simple but work fine for me, I am liking using colours other than red and white for the stockings too.
A nice close up gives an idea of how the swirling shirt looks, cracking job. Whilst I have a bunch more of the Redoubt Highlanders most have Kilts or trews, possibly just one more with a shirt like this.
Steady increase for the Highlanders, lots more to go.

Starting to think now about Government Highlanders and which to use, tempted by the Warlord games French and Indian Wars ones, not too keen on a marching pose for the Highlanders. The Redoubt ones look surprisingly nice and useful as they in skirmishing poses.

Lots more to come so see you soon.


  1. Excellent figures all round Roger. Love the shading on the piss stained, or should that be Isabella yellow, shirts for the Highlanders.

    1. I think its pronounced pesh? Lol love it cheers Paul.

  2. Lovely poses and wonderful painting on these figures Roger!

    1. Thanks Phil, really appreciate your comments.

  3. Excellent additions to your collection

  4. See you’re getting spammed yourself Roj! Good steady progress with the 45

    1. Cheers Chris, yeah jappens now and again, frustrating but never mind.

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