Tuesday 31 May 2016

Quick Workbench Update

So been a little quite this end, plenty painted but not much getting based just yet as the basing department has another week before University breaks up for the summer. So in the meantime I thought I might share what's been coming off the painting table.

Firstly I have painted a second battalion of Saxon Guard. This now gives me two battalions of foot and one unit of horse, so still a fair way to go. I really like how these are coming out with the mix of Wargames Factory musketeers and Ebor command.

Better pictures once the basing is complete.

 We then have the second Swedish General, an Ebor sculpt, very simple paint job, especially as there is no visible face to paint!


 Lastly a bit different, I have a small Northern European Bronze Age army on the go in the background, just for a change I painted this hassle free miniatures figure who will be my warrior queen, I have a second of this model which will be built into a chariot so I can have one dismounted and one mounted, I may do a post on this army in the future as I am really pleased with how some of the simple conversions have come out.

Next week we have a large Carlist Wars game of , re-fighting Huesca. Hopefully get lots of Pictures and hope to put a picture heavy after action report on here, then we should have a based unit or two to share.

See you then.

Saturday 21 May 2016

A rather Polish work Bench update

So as it is Partizan eve I thought I would give you a work bench update.

This update has a rather Polish flavor as I have been enjoying my recently acquired TAG and Warlord Polish cavalry.

I do have a slightly odd approach to my painting rather than focusing on one unit until complete I tend to have a number of different things on the table at once being a bit of a butterfly by nature I do like to flit from one to another. Whilst this means it may take longer for full units to emerge it keeps me interested and probably ends up with a higher turnover of figures.

This first figure is a spare Old Glory Winged Hussar, I think he will make a nice Brigade commander as he is a bit small to mix in any of the units.
 Just to re-assure you I have not lost sight of the Swedish army being my main focus a second gun and crew, Ebor figures and very nice indeed. You never know these might be based up quite soon with the basing department home for a couple of days next weekend.

These next three are Warlord Games winged hussars, I have always wanted to do winged hussars and these are very dynamic figures, I also have some redoubt winged hussars will be interesteing to see how they compare.
The next three are TAG Pancerni. Very nice figures which are very easy to paint. I am wondering if I might be able to squeeze two units of these out of the figures I have available.

Lastly TAG Cossacks, I should have enough for two units of these fine fellows, they certainly do look far more Polish than your generic Cossacks, although I may pick up a couple more Packs of the Foundry ones this weekend at Partizan.


Hope your appetite is suitably whetted for the end result of all this Polish cavalry. Feel free to pop and say hello tomorrow at Partizan I will be helping out with an ACW game with friends from Legendary Wargames and Bramley Barn gamers.


Monday 16 May 2016

Swedish Foot Regiment Narke Varmland


Last unit completed by the basing department before departing back to Uni.

The Narke Varmland regiment were one I fancied doing right from the start with the red facings and leggings.

Narke Varmland was another of the Indelta units which formed the backbone of the Swedish military system. They fought in numerous engagements and were also one of the units lost with Roos in the redoubts at Poltava along with Vasterbotten, Dal regiment and Jomkopings. Just Jomkopings to finish to have all of these units, although still to decide if they will be in Korpus or Tricorn.

 This unit probably has the largest mix of manufacturers in, Mainly Warfare the nearest figure on the left hand base is an Ebor grenadier, the Pike are all Footsore and four of the musketeers are Foundry.

 The shot above gives you an impression of how the virtual third rank works and the deep bases. Not for everyone but I like how it looks.

I am now working on another gun and crew whilst dabbling with Pancerni, winged Hussars and more Saxon Guard. I will probably do a work bench update on these next weekend if I get time in between gaming at Partizan in Newark.

Thursday 12 May 2016

More Cossacks

Hi All

Well the basing department has done me proud and I now have a couple of units to share with you over coming days. First up is my second unit of Cossacks.

Its probably worth saying at this stage I have got completely carried away with the Polish army.

My initial plan was to have a unit of irregular Cossacks, one of uniformed light cavalry and one of Winged Hussars. I "accidentally" got too many irregular Cossacks so three units went to four. I then decided that the redoubt Hussars didn't look that nice so bought a pack of Warlord ones, taking me to five units. It seemed to me at this point that the only cavalry I dint have for Poles was Pancerni, this weekend I saw some TAG Pancerni on Ebay along with more Polish Cossacks, on buying them I find I have enough figures for one unit of Pancerni and two of Cossacks leaving me with enough figures for eight cavalry units. Oops! (Eights an odd number for Brigading I may need another to give me three brigades of three)

On the upside the Cossacks are really ultra useful. They can be used as Poles fighting for either the Saxons or Swedes or even against each other. They can also be used as Ukranian Cossacks fighting for the Swedes or Russian Cossacks fighting against the Swedes. I love multi purpose units. 

Oh and I can use all of these for the earlier period to fight Cossacks, Thirty Years War Swedes, Tartars and Ottoman Turks if I fancy it. Happy days.

These figures like the last unit are from the Wargames Foundry range and sculpted by Mark Copplestone (Except the Perry Officer) Very dynamic and characterful figures they are too.

 The flag is from a sheet of Cossack standards by Solway miniatures I think. Very eye catching.

The above picture gives you an idea of the "mob" like appearance of the Cossacks spread over the bases. So plenty more of these to come but not yet.

Next up will be Swedish foot. Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings.

Monday 9 May 2016

Workbench Update


Basing department is busy doing their thing and I have just finished painting the Ebot Swedish Cavalry as Nylands so thought I would give a brief update prior to any finished units going on.

Firstly a couple of Sikhs for my very slowly moving Sikh Wars collection. Typically lovely castings from the old Foundry range.

 Vasterbotten infantry regiment on bases ready to be finished off. These are the last of the Warfare foot for now.

Lastly the Nylands Cavalry. I will talk a bit more about these when I have them based fully but suffice to say I am very happy indeed with how they came out.

Hopefully an update by the weekend on the first units over the desk of the basing department.

Wednesday 4 May 2016

Ebor GNW Swedish Cavalry review

Hi All.

Having received a unit of Swedish Cavalry from Ebor this weekend and made a start on them I thought it might be useful to share my thoughts in a review and compare them to the Warfare Miniatures Swedish Cavalry whilst I am at it.

I received 9 figures on Saturday (much quicker than expected) one command pack with Officer. Bugler and Ensign and two packs each of three troopers.

The Bugler has a separate head and the trooper all have the same body with separate heads and arms. The pack containing three different heads, three different arms and three different horses so lots of scope for variety, especially if you decide to throw in the odd bandaged head which I might in future.

First things first, whilst I do like Paul Hicks sculpts and the Ebor figures in particular I had a couple of small gripes about these horse. The separate arm has a small nub but no small hole to fit it to, so a little trimming is required and without the nub and hole it can be a pain to get to stick. Also the figures have cast on saddles (which I like by the way) but the horses have had the saddles they used to have filed down and some of the blankets protrude. You will see this in the bottom 2 of the first pictures of the officer.

Lastly the officer has a sash. I might be wrong but I am sure that the Swedish officers did not wear them.

OK all small things, I actually think the first two look really nice, the test will be how they look when the first unit is completed and based.

First figures is the officer and I really like this figure despite the above comments. Very characterful.

The offending sash actually looks very nice and the blanket sticking out barely noticeable.

 On to the trooper, he is on my least favourite of the here horses, its still nice though. The figure paints up well, not sure I got the positioning of the arm quite right so I may need to disguise this on the base.

 Below is my favourite of the horses where the saddle cloth is easy to see underneath. I don't think it particularly detracts just not sure the designer intended you to see it.

 Compare to a horse designed for riders with moulded saddles, by the way I am throwing this one in as it fits the bugler really well and I had already painted it.

Now to compare with Warfare. First thing to say is that Warfare have not officially released Swedish Cavalry, currently its one test figure with separate arms so perhaps not a fair comparison yet. The arm is a much better fit and I do like their horses, they a dynamic, just need to see what variety the final release actually gives us. Below are the three I have painted so far as guard cavalry.

 And below a direct comparison side by side. Sorry put away my background then remembered to add this!
Fair to say the jury is still out. I think I will like the Ebor cavalry and I definitely intend to get two units of warfare for the guard. Watch this space and see how they develop I guess. 

Monday 2 May 2016

Workbench update

Hi All, got fair bit painted so whilst I wait for the basing department to return from University (next weekend I think) and catch up I thought I would give you a brief update of what I have painted.

Sikh Matchlocks
 First up a couple of Indian Matchlock men for my on-going long term Sikh Wars Project. At some point this year I will do a separate update of how that is coming together. A beautiful and colourful period.

I have also completed a second unit of Cossacks. Mainly from the Foundry range by Mark Copplestone, the eagle eyed amongst you may recognise the leader as the same figure leading my Valachs but in a  different colour. I picked up 4 of this figure fairly cheap on ebay so expect to see it used again when I eventually get around to doing my Winged Hussars.

Foundry Cossacks
Bit of a cheat next is the Narke Varmland Regiment, I say a cheat as these have been sat in the basing box for a month or two now waiting for the attention of the basing department.. A very colourful unit which will hopefully get a full write up very soon when the basing is complete.
Narke Varmland

 Lastly my most recently painted figures from the Vasterbotten regiment. These are pretty much the last of the Warfare figures I bought a while ago bolstered by both Wargames Foundry and Ebor miniatures.

 In the picture below you can see just how nice the Ebor Ensigns are.
Standard Bearers by Ebor

Don't tell them your name Pike

The pike are 2 Ebor and 1 Warfare. I particularly like the one with bandaged head, one of the great things about Ebor separate head system.

The Foundry musketeers don't sit quite so well with Warfare but they look OK once based up.

I have my first regiment of Ebor Swedish Horse arrive this weekend so that is my next wee project, I may also do an AAR of the 20mm Cold War game we played today with friends at Legendary Wargames in Chruch Fenton. A fantastic looking game to which I forget to take my camera so hopefully someone else got some good pictures!

Enjoy whats left of the bank holiday and thanks for reading.