Friday 29 July 2016

Saxon Artillery and first two brigades of Swedes


Thought I would get a cheeky post in before disappearing on holiday for 3 weeks.

The basing department has finished some Saxon artillery before disappearing off around Europe. A medium gun and a light gun. Figures and medium gun are Ebor, light gun is from Dixon Miniatures.

Saxon guns were painted black with yellow metal work.

 I had two figures left over so added an infantry officer painted a suitable colour. I particularly like the idea of the officer and gunner shouting at each other over the barrel.

 Then we have the first two brigades, each brigade has three battalions, a gun and is led by its own General.

So that's it from me for three weeks. See you soon!

Monday 25 July 2016

Swedish Regiment Kronoberg

The basing department has set off for a 3 week tour of Europe, but managed to finish a few bits for me before hitching her ruck sack and catching the plane.
First item is the Kronoberg regiment for my Great Northern War Swedes. This takes me to 6 battalions finished so I must get around to photographing them all together.
Kronoberg had the classic Swedish Blue faced yellow and white trimmed Tricornes but with blue leggings. I have modelled the end grenadier with one of Ebors bandaged heads to add a bit more character. Of the 18 figures 3 are Wargames Foundry and the rest are all Ebor Miniatures

I have included a couple of shots to show the depth of the basing and how the formation works on the deep bases. I have been kept going through this by Peter Englund's "Poltava" which I have to say is an excellent read if you get the chance. Going into the minutia as it does of the battle and individual officers and mens experience of it. Fascinating.

So I have some Saxon Artillery to follow and hopefully a parade before I too swan off on holiday.

Thanks for reading.

Saturday 16 July 2016

More from the workbench

I picked some packs of the new Swedes and Russians up from Nick at Ebor mid week, I got a bit giddy and painted a few up, I was so pleased with them that I had to stick a post on so sorry but I hope you like them as much as I do.

Firstly the Swedish casualties, these are wonderful sculpts, I have done as a variety of regiments so I can use them as casualty markers but also as fillers for front ranks of my next three units. I particularly like the one draped over a drum.

 Then the Russians, I have a battalion to paint, these are the first three. One in three Pike were issues with pistols and cartridge boxes, I guess to make them more useful in melee. Lovely sculpts and more of these to come.

 I also finished off some more Saxon gun crew, again Ebor figures but with an old Dixons gun
 Lastly a bit different, a Pictish cavalry commander. I have a game tomorrow using our Post Roman armies and was short of a cavalry commander so knocked this one up during the week. Kept it fairly simple to have it done quicker.
That's it for now, I dont think the figures are on Ebor web site yet but contact Nick if you want some.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday 14 July 2016

Swedish Cavalry

As the basing department has finished with another unit of Cavalry I now have a Brigade to share with you. I thought I might capture some pictures of them all together.

Firstly the new unit the Karelska Cavalry Regiment.

Ebor miniatures figures using the Korpus head a nd a bandaged head with their separate head system. I particularly like having a heroic injured trooper with the bandage in the unit. The third picture gives a good view of my take on the shallow wedge or plow formation favoured by the Swedes.

 The next snaps capture all three Swedish units with their Polish Valak auxiliary troops. Two units of Ebor Swedes supported by a unit of Footsore Swedes and the Valaks are a mix of manufacturers including Warlord Pike and Shotte croats and Foundry Poles.

 And a couple of close ups to finish off with. This captures the dynamism of some of the Ebor cavalry quite well/

I just need a cavalry Brigadier to lead them now. Hamilton sounds like the man, he led the Swedish left flank Horse at Poltava the Grandson of a Scottish Soldier in the Army of Gustavus Adolphus I think. Best have a dig around and decide which figures best fits the bill.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look. We are getting a bit nearer the point where I can actually contemplate a small game!

Sunday 10 July 2016

Workbench Update

So whilst the Basing department has been catching up I have been busy painting. bizarrely as I have had a bad back this has meant that I have got a it more painting done as sitting in a good chair is the most comfortable spot for me.

The first unit finished is this Saxon Field Gun and Crew from Ebor Miniatures. I will probably only use 4 of the crew for this gun and add an officer to the other two to man a smaller gun I have. Being a tight Yorkshireman I do like to make best use of my gunners.

I have also finished a few more Saxons, I have eight of this unit complete, as you can see I am adding a number of floppy hats to the tricornes for these fellows. The Saxons kept the older style floppy hats longer than many countries and I think it likely that tricornes lost their three corners on campaign anyway so this unit will have a mix.

I then have enough Swedes to complete my next regiment Kronoberg. Firstly the three Pike each with separate heads.

 The command, in this case the officers heads are cast on and Seargent and Drummer are separate.

 Two grenadier figures, one with the head bandaged, again separate heads so Grenadiers can be in Korpus, Tricorn, brass fronted mitre, cloth mitre or low mitre, plus of course bandaged heads. You can see the second grenade pouch on the left hip.

  Lastly musketeers, the figure in the middle has a cast on head the other two are both separate.

Many thanks to wargaming chum Steve Shann for putting all the base coats on these Swedes as a favour, along with the basing department this allows me to use my limited time to best effect. Steve is a full time figure painter, if you are looking for someone to paint your figures you could do a lot worse.

That's it again for now. Cavalry to follow then hopefully we can see the above Swedes based and ready taking me to six battalions. Surely that will be time for a formal parade!!