Thursday 16 November 2023

Carlist AAR Mendigora-Ish

Gaming at the barn this weekend and I agreed to put on a Carlist game, As Mark is back gaming I wanted to make sure his troops got some action so picked Mendigora despite not having all the right troops so this was, in true Hollywood style, "Inspired by real events" and thus not really much like them at all!

So with four players a side I needed enough forces for each player. I had to mix things up a bit and make a couple of Brigades a little light to give me 8 brigades a side and therefore 2 brigades per player but it worked out in the end, forces were as follows.

Each sides was competing for control of the town and the ammunition convoy with control of the ridge a secondary objective.

The Liberal forces commanded by Chris Flowers, Steve Shann, Chris Charlton and Mark Stimpson had the below forces available. The French cover the right flank and a brigade of British are occupying the town and redoubt on the left flank.

8 brigades total consisting of the below with the number next to the brigade beign the move they enter:

1st British Brigade 1              2nd British Brigade 1
AVERAGE DE Lancy Evans      AVERAGE  Brigadier Chichester
3 x British Line              3 x British Line
1 x Veteran Lancers      1 x Rocket
1 x Skirmishers tiny
1 x Rocket
Legion Etrangere 1              Provincial Militia Brigade 2
GOOD Colonel Conrad      Poor Brigadier Rendon
2 x Veteran Foot              1 x Line Infantry
1 x Veteran Lancers      3 x Line Infantry Small
1 x Mountain Gun                      1x Skirmishers
                                     1 x Rocket
Cavalry Brigade 2              Guards Brigade 2
GOOD Colonel Diego De Leon  AVERAGE Brigadier Jauregui
1 x Veteran Cavalry     3 x Line Infantry
1 x Light Cavalry             1 x Skirmishers
1 x Line Cavlry             1 x Field Gun
Line Brigade 3                             Guards Cavalry Brigade 3
AVERAGE General Oraa     AVERAGE Colonel Naboa
3 x Line Infantry             3 x Line Cavalry
1 x Skirmishers                  1 x Horse gun
1 x Mountain Gun

Meanwhile Dave Green, Andy Lawson, Jerry Miller and Rich Harris commanded the Carlists with the below:

C in C GOOD General Moreno
1st Brigade 1                         2nd Brigade 1
Good Brigadier Sopelana Excellent Brigadier Villareal
2 x Line Small                 2 x Veteran Foot
1 x line                                 1 x Skirmishers
1 x Mountain Gun                 1 x Field Gun
1 x Skirmishers                 1 x Veteran Lancers
3rd Brigade 1                        4th Brigade 1
Average Brigadier Las Vacas       Average Brigadier Quilez
3 x Line                               3 x Line
1 x Skirmishers               1 x Skirmishers
1 x Field gun                       1 x field Gun
1 x Veteran Lancers       1 x Veteran Lancers
5th Brigade                       6th Brigade
Good Brigadier Alza 2      Good General Goiri 2
1 x Veteran                      3 x Line Foot
1 x Line Small              1 x Skirmishers
1 x Line 
7th Brigade                      8th Brigade
Average Brigadier Iturriza 3   Good General Iturriaga 2
2 x Line Foot                      1 x Veteran Foot
1 x Mountain Gun              1 x Line Foot

So the Carlists would eventualy have less troops on table but the Isabelino entry was quite staggered and the Carlists had slightly better troops overall.

We played on a 14 foot table with a ridge across most of the Liberal table edge and a village and fort in the far corner occupied by the British. The only other features a couple of small woods.

The Carlist second brigade with 2 battalions of Veterans entered opposite the fort and advanced steadily on the earthworks whilst three other brigades deployed across the table edge advancing on the ridge line.

Dave on the left made quick progress towards the French occupying a little dip in the ridge.

Turn 3 and the Isabelino re-inforcements arrive before the Carlists have managed to get into musketry range, Chris however is unable to get the Provincial Militia to advance and so they deploy on the table edge.
The Guards brigade also arrive but are only able to advance one move onto the ridge.
In the centre the wagon train has escaped and the rifles are lining the wood but the lancers wont obey an order for love nor money and sit on the road looking vacant. 
Richard pressed the forts defenders, but with a plus 2 to saving throws in fortifications Mark was saving on anything but a 1 and proving impossible to shift.
In the centre Any was struggling with command rolls and making very slow progress.
On the left Dave was making better progress and had both his brigades in range to fire just as Steve arrived with supporting brigades for Chris and the Legion Etranger.
On Daves right he held a single squadron of lancers ready to deal with the  brigade of Cavalry that had just hove into view.
Fortunately for Dave Chris C was only able to get one of his squadrons of line cavalry forward to press Daves flank. This did however allow the convoy of Ammunition to escape.
Meanwhile the British lancers continue to not respond to orders and sit in the middle of the table and Andy's response from his Carlist lancers is to sit  less than a foot away and not respond to orders either. Funny but frustrating.
The Guards brigade are now deployed onto the ridge and the Carlists are slightly outnumbered whilst still attacking. It doesnt look too good.
Daves Carlist left flank is now engaged with the Legion but he will need to be quick as two brigades, one each of Isabelino Militia and Guard advance to support.
In the centre the Carlists have reached the half way point with a clear ridge to their front, but not for long.
Jerrys Carlist Hussars charge  Chirs's line cavalry supported by Diego De Leons veteran Hussars.
The Hussars send the Isabelino cavalry realign and capture the ammunition convoy, but its in the middle of the Isabelino line, its going to be hard to get it away.
In the centre the British Legion Lancers finally respond to the Carlist threat and see them off with two casualties and a disorder.
Jerrys Hussars keep the ammo moving towards their own line.
Chris's line brigade has deployed across the ridge and the supporting brigade of British Legion troops are marching through the village, Richards Carlists may haverun out of time.
Dave two brigades are finally closing on the Legion and the Guard but slightly outnumbered by the defenders its a tough ask and desolves into a long range firefight.
As Jerrys Carlists reach the bottom of the ridge, Steve has repositioned the Isabelino Royal Guards Brigade to cover them supporting Chris's line.
Thundering into the gap between Andy's Carlists and Daves on the left the Guards Cavalry brigade advance down the ridges slope. They were actually not thta good but they look pretty.
The game is reaching a tipping point with the Isabelino forces now occupying the heights and outnumbering the advancing Carlists they must each punch a hole through or start to consider a withdrawal.
Its seems there will be no withdrawal as Andy attacks the ridge and Jerry swings a brigade in to support Ricards attack on Marks British in the village.
Daves two brigades are pinning three brigades of Isabelino foot in an uneven firefight as the Guard Cavalry advance into his open flank with just one squadron of shaken lancers to stop them.
Andy orders the lancers to advance, needing to role high.......he doesnt!
Andy and Jerrys troops advance up the slope facing a storm of Powder, lead and Iron.
Whilst Chris's light cavalry charges Jerry and retakes the convoy.
The first unit of Carlist foot breaks and runs from Daves left flank. The combined fire of 2 brigades and a gun too much for it.
The Guards meanwhile have charged the reserve lancers in an uneven melee.
The Carlists have finally made it up the hill only to face superior numbers of waiting Isabelino foot.
The first squadron of Guard Cavalry is broken, just two more to go and the flank is covered again.
Jerry and Andy reach the top of the hill and a fierce battle ensues, neither side gives and inch but the Carlists are unable to break through the stout defence. 
With no break through in sight we decide to call it a day, the Carlists are far from defeated but are unable to break through the Isabelino line at any point.

In the end the Carlists had too much to do and it took far too long to try take the redoubt and the village. 

A fun game, perhaps with too many troops allowed for the Isabelinos, still I think we all enjoyed it and its great to get the collection back on table.

Thanks for stopping by, see you again soon.

Wednesday 1 November 2023

Elizabethan Ireland Phase One Completed

 So a few late nights and a bit too many hours painting and the the last of the figures for the Elizabethan Game are completed.

Its likely I will return to the project for Scots and Spanish forces but for now thats the Irish and English done and ready for the game. 

Two Commanders are the first figures left is the Flags of War Border Heidman on a  Perry Horse with right the Hoka Hey  General.
This is the third unit of Billmen, the bills are all Wargames Foundry open handed pike  with two D'Arlo command figures at the rear and a Redoubt flag.
The only unit of longbows, mainly D'Arlo with a TAG leader back left and a Foundry swashbuckler in the middle. The left hand archers face could perhaps use a tidy up.
The only unit of English Sword and Bucklers,  there are 3 Reboubt figures, one Hoka Hey and 2 Foundry with a redoubt flag on this one. The border horse are pictured in woodcuts from the time with St George Cross;s on their bucklers so it felt right to add one in here.
One of two extra Border horse companies, the horses are all from the lovely Flags of War Range as is the flag and the left hand riders, the standard bearer is a Redoubt figure who fits in quite well.
Three extra units of Demi-Lancers, the big advantage of the English if the Irish were ever foolish enough to let them get near. The left two figures are Redoubt, the pennant is from Flags of War and the right hand figure is from Timeline/Hoka Hey, the left horses are plastic Perry and the right one is Redoubt. I know hard to keep track.
Another Border horse company, two Flags of War riders with a Redoubt horse and rider in the middle. The chainmail shirt is not as outdated as it might seem as light horse were issues these for service in Ireland.
Three more Redoubt Demilancers on Perry plastic horses with a Flags of War banner which I really like. I have added some Warlord plastic horse holsters to some of these too.
A last unit of Demi Lancers, two Timeline/Hoka Hey lancers on Perry Plastic Wars of the Roses horses with a Redoubt Trumpeter on Redoubt horse,  Again the banner is Flags of War with a nice Tudor rose.
Lastly the Spanish Rodelero's, this is the only unit of Spanish and represents the small numbers of Spanish sent to support he Irish on different occasions, front left to right Redoubt, Foundry, Hoka Hey and rear Hoka Hey and then 2 Redoubt figures, the flag is from Ebay I dont know the manufacturer.  I chose a generic Catholic Flag rather than Spanish cross as I wanted to be able use as any supporting Papal units such as the Italians landed at Smerwick.

So for now thats the Elizabethan project wrapped up, one to return to no doubt in future but nice to see some closure on this.

Thanks for stopping by.