Saturday 10 December 2022

More Completed Figures for The Russian Civil War

 The recent playtests of Triumph of The Will have inspired me to try finish off the few outstanding figures for this collection.

The photos are not coming out as well as I would like with the natural light poor as we go into winter, so these Shkiro's wolves Cossacks haven't come out great.

These are mainly STP miniatures from a couple of packs but mainly the Shkiro's Wolves pack. The Cossack on the extreme right is probably my favourite.

A couple of these have been done for a while so nice to get the unit finished.
I had enough White infantry to complete another unit. I decided these would be less colourful than some of the others I have done and more in line with how they probably looked in action.
I really like the less colourful approach with these, maybe I should have done more like this? The Lewis Gunner and the firing figure centre of left stand are STP the rest are Copplestone.

More Partisans, you have already seen the three figure bases in these pictures. The extra two bases of 2 allows me to create two units of 7
The command base has 2 Copplestone figures the rest are STP from their Makhnovist pack.
Again the command base was already done, all of these are STP, the  Makhno pack has a few sailors in, Ukranians from the old imperial Black Sea fleet.
Although designed as Ukranian anarchists these could really be any partisan unit we like so will see plenty of action

And just so you dont think I am forgetting the 40mm project, here are the first of my Connaught Rangers.

More to come for both these projects. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday 4 December 2022

Triumph of the Will another playtest

Apologies its been a while, my laptop broke so only just been able to get back in the blog.

Anyway this time the Reds would test their metal against Chris's Warlord Chinese.

Chris had another couple of units finished and added 2 units of mercenary White Russians, a common site in Warlord armies Steve would command the Chinese and I had my Reds.


The Reds had 3 regiments each of 4 companies of foot, 1 regiment of Regulars, 1 of Militia and one drilled. These were supported by2 guns and 2 MG;s, they were also backed up by an FT17 with a 37mm gun.

Cavalry support was provided by a regiment of trained red cavalry in 4 Sotnias with a Tchanka MG cart in support.
The Chinese had a regiment of 3 companies of Militia cavalry, supported by Mortars. three infantry regiments, one Militia, one drilled and trained with White Russians and SMG armed storm troops supported b 2 machine guns and another FT17. in the rear a further company of trained chinese supported by White Russian Lancers form a bodyguard and reserve.

First shot of the game I need to roll less than 20 with my artillery dice to score hits, I decide that 5 dice should get me what I want, I roll 19 and with a sigh of relief inflict 5 casualties on the Chinese.

Both sides advance steadily towards each other, the majority have attack orders so have little choice. My right hand regiment of Militia have engage orders, allowing them to stop once they are in effective range and can bring the Chinese under fire.

On my left most of the Chinese cavalry have crossed the bridge to defend their flank, I am pushing a column of cavalry forward whilst the Tchanka opens up on the reserve unit of Chinese on my flank.

As they advance the FT17 s of both sides clank slowly forward, the Chinese machine abruptly breaks down, oh dear.
As the red cavalry close they begin to take fire from the mounted Chinese and in particular the machine gun, the front Sotnia is quickly reduced to just 3 troopers.

The Tchanka returns fire and inflict 2 casualties.
The Chinese mortars are proving ineffective, with a crew of 2, they need to score a hit for each gunner first then roll below 10 to score casualties even if both hit. Initially rounds of firign see one hit which is not converted.

Meanwhile the infantry close to effective rifle range and both sides open up relatively ineffective firing as both sides are moving.
At this stage both sides are just inches apart and preparing to for close combat, this will suit some of the Chinese storm troops better than other troops.
The Red Sailors close with their old enemies the White Russians who have already been softened up with artillery fire, numbers tell and the Whites are quickly overwhelmed.
The Warlord and Bolshevik forces engage all along the line with varying degrees of fortune. the infantry of both sides are pretty even in terms of results.
The cavalry however are a different story, with the front rank decimated, the second rank have enough room to press forward as they charge home on the Chinese and both troops of Chinese militia cavalry are seen off in short order.
The Warlord cavalry flee leaving the left flank and the Chinese mortars wide open for the red cavalry.
Needing to score some serious damage on the reds Steve opts to roll three dice for his machine gun needing to roll 10 or less, he rolls 13 and misses.
As the left crumbles the Warlord morale team step into action to encourage the troops.
The veterans of the red navy destroy their opposing Warlord storm troopers, in the process they open themselves up to short range SMG fire. We decided that the target number needs to be double for troops all armed with SMG at short range. These weapons only work at short range in our amends. So with 10 figures doubled Chris needed to roll less than 20, he decided to roll 4 dice and got less than 20 so 4 casualties on top of the one already inflicted, and my red navy unit is down to 5 men. 

Whilst that firign mechanism feels slightly odd, it works and its easier to understand than the old way.
A gap opens across the lines as units are pushed back or destroyed on both sides.
The night is drawing to a close and as its a play test we dont need a final result just to be sure the rules are working. We think they are.

The Red centre was breaking but the Chinese had also taken a pummelling and the Bolsheviki were very strong on both wings, the cavalry on the left preparing to sweep around the rear of the Chinese. All to play for but on balance a likely Red victory.

We called it a day with another decent play test of the updated rules and found we are pretty happy with them.