Tuesday 28 June 2016

GNW Swedish Foot Regiment Vasterbotten

So the basing department is hard at work and next off the desk is Regiment Vasterbotten.

Its another colourful Indelta unit in the Korpus cap (I only have one more unit to do with Korpus at present)

This regiment was also destroyed with Roos in the Russian earthworks at Poltava, it actually had two small battalions there but I only intend to do one for now.

This is one of the most mixed units I have done in terms of manufacturers, I had 5 Foundry figures and 8 Warfare all charging in Korpus left over, so it was a case of filling the gaps with the Ebor figures. Both Ensigns, two pike and the Seargent are Ebor.

This view shows you the "virtual" three rank structure, file closers to the back.

 This last just illustrates how the deep bases help protect the figures from my fat fingers when gaming.

Lastly I have also had back from the basing department a Swedish General, as I have completed so many of his Brigade from Poltava let us make him General Roos.
This is an Ebor General and a very easy figure to paint as there is virtually no face. The drum is spares from Wargames Factory sprues.

That's all for now, the Karelska Cavalry and Polish Generals are on the basing table as we speak so hopefully complete some time soon. 

Thankls for your time and as always feedback gratefully received.

Sunday 26 June 2016

GNW Swedish Cavalry Karelska

Hi, so after finishing the Nylands cavalry I order another unit of Cavalry from Ebor straight away, this time with Korpus heads instead of Tricorne, I have only had them about a week bit I got a bit carried away and finished painting them this afternoon.

They are separate arms and legs so gives you plenty of choice for how you build a unit.

I am pretty pleased with them. I also think the photography is slightly better than usual too.

 This one with the bandaged head is particularly nice. Not sure why but the faces on this bunch have come out really well.

I have also completed a small job for my Pal Chris, as I may not see him for a few weeks, here you go Chris, hope you like them. More Paul Hicks sculpst these are from Empress Miniatures Jazz age Colonialism range, downed airmen.

Last picture, the basing department is back and working on my next unit of Swedish foot, think I am likely to get a slap for posting a picture of her in her dressing gown!

So that's it for now, hopefully the unit being based right now will be ready for a post in the next couple of days.

Thanks for reading.

Sunday 19 June 2016

GNW Swedish Cavalry Regiment Nylands

Hi All

Having repaired the flags for these guys I thought I might share the finished article with you.

These are Ebor Swedish Cavalry for Great Northern War, you might have seen some concerns I had from an earlier post but I have to say that the finished article is great and I am so pleased with these I have just ordered another unit.

It was a particularly tight fit getting these to fit onto the base, whilst that was the idea I did wonder a couple of times if it was going to work. The plan was to have them literally boot to boot, Swedish tactics called for the officer to take the middle with troopers locking their knees behind his so they really were stirrup to stirrup when they went in, forming a shallow wedge. I wanted to replicate my image of how this might look with my units.

 The below shot gives you a view of the shallow wedge pretty much as I had envisaged it originally.

 The Ebor Swedish troopers come with separate heads which allows you to create a lot of diversity in the unit. Although I have only used the heads that come with them you can also get bandaged heads and Korpus which will come in very handy.

For the next unit I have asked Nick at Ebor to send Korpus wearing heads for the troopers (Officers are cast on tricorne) and I may add in a bandaged head, thinking the Karelska Cavalry in grey faced blue.

What else in on the go I hear you say.

Well here a re few shots of forthcoming Saxons and Swedish artillery. I am particularly please with the Ebor officer and drummer for the Saxons. This next Saxon unit will have a number of floppy hats mixed in with the tricornes.

Last is a First Carlist war Rocket crew, these have been converted by friend Chris for whom I am painting them. The rocket launcher and mule are still on the bench.

 Next up will I think be Swedish foot.

Thursday 16 June 2016

Workbench update with a Saxo-Polish feel


I have finished quite a few figures over the last week so I thought I might share the progress while the glue drys on the repaired flags for the Swedish horse.

My fascination with the Polish Cavalry has been undimmed and I have managed to finish painting the Pancerni unit I had started.

These are all figures from The Assault Group which I picked up from Ebay. They are really nice and I particularly like the officer.

I also managed to finish a couple of officers to use as Polish Generals. I based the colours for the first one loosely on Angus Kostam's painting of King John Sobieski at Vienna. I wanted to use a colour scheme I felt was authentic for a high ranking Polish Hetman so hopefully this captures that.

Again this is an Assault Group Figure and probably my favourite of the lot, he has a lot of character particularly in the face.

 The next officer is from the TAG Cossack command Pack but I think looks well as a senior officer.

 Lastly more evidence I am still painting Swedes. These are two more of the Swedish Guard Cavalry Livregemente till Hast. So I now have 6 troopers. Currently however Warfare who manufacture this figure only make one Swedish Trooper which was a test model from a couple of years ago. It has a choice of arms and 4 different horses but still its the same figure. I do like how dynamic it is and I am reliably informed that the Swedish cavalry packs for Warfare are coming next month, so I having painted 6 of the same trooper I can buy 12 more, 6 troopers and 6 command, to mix with them and have two units of the Guard Cavalry in this very nice pale blue uniform.

For now however they will sit in the box waiting for their comrades to be released.

So these guys have now all been parked in the basing box for the basing department to get around to. With 6 finished units of Polish horse I wont be painting any more for a while, concentrating on Swedish and Saxon foot.

I have started my third battalion of Saxon Guard as above, three of these are the old Foundry range which still paints up very nice, the other is from Wargames Factory, the rest of this unit are with my friend Steve who is kindly doing the base coats for me. Finishing this will give me a Guards Brigade for the Saxons at which point I will need to get them a Gun  and crew painted. I am also on with the next unit of Swedish Foot which is the Kronoberg regiment.

So plenty of painted figures to be posted when the basing is finished, the Araldite Glue is nearly dry on the Nylands Cavalry so watch this space.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday 14 June 2016

GNW Swedish Artillery

The basing department is back and starting to make inroads into the back log. Expect to see Swedish Cavalry, Polish Pancerni, Polish Generals, Swedish Foot and Generals and Saxons over the coming weeks.

But for now first of the blocks is the second Swedish artillery piece.

I wanted this to look a bit different to the last one so added the Gabion which I think gives another dimension to the base.

 The figures are from the excellent Ebor range and I really did enjoy painting these. They are Paul Hicks sculpts which I always find a delight, maybe his style of sculpting just suits my style of painting? They are also a very simple unit to paint. The Gabion is a plastic Renedra one.

You can find Ebor Miniatures here http://www.eborminiatures.com/ I think the Swedes are all listed now but Nick the owner does now have Russians for those of you who have been waiting.

Hopefully this is the shape of things to come, the Nylands Cavalry also from Ebor are based and I am again very pleased with them, I just need to glue the flag back on before taking some pictures and putting a post up, I shall be deducting this from the basing departments pay (not really)

I also have  affair bit of progress on other units so I may have another workbench update too.

Thanks for reading.

Friday 10 June 2016


OK Basing department home on Sunday so I expect to have a based unit or two shortly, meanwhile I have got a bit completed I thought I might share.

First of all the TAG Polish Cossacks, lovely figures, much bigger horses than Foundry so definitely wont mix in units. The TAG stuff does paint up very easily.

 I have also just about finished the Warlord Winged Hussars. Very dynamic these gents  and lovely sculpts.

 I did struggle to get these to fit on the bases but got there in the end. More on that when they get their own post after they are based up


Swedish foot from the Kronoberg regiment. Just to prove that my main army for Great Northern War ,the Swedes, is still high on the agenda. I have a couple more in progress and once this unit is done that will give me two brigades of foot.

 On the painting table is the Pancerni command stand, two Polish generals and a Saxon Guard command group all in the early stages but this puts me about 2 thirds of the way through the Pancerni which in turn will take me to 6 units of Polish Cavalry once finished. Wow where did that come from?

 Lastly this is the standard I intend to use for my Pancerni, I put it up as I found out too late that the one for my Winged Hussars wasn't 100% correct so here's your chance, if this ones wrong please let me know!

That's it for now, I have vbeen very active on here last week or two, hoping I can keep that up over the coming weeks assuming I have something to share. Until then have a great weekend.

Wednesday 8 June 2016

First Carlist War Huesca part two

In my last post we left the Intrepid General Iribarren leading his division against the Carlist army during their Siesta in the Town Huesca.

The left Column under the General himself had become bogged down fighting the strongly entrenched Navarese Brigade on the San Jorge Hill amongst the walled church yard. The centre Column under Van Halen (real name)  had advanced with only slight resistance around the edge of the Churchyard and the right column under Conrad was forming up to take on the Carlist Cavalry whilst their own Cavalry moved up in support.

This is where things began to get interesting.

 The left column charges the Churchyard again.
 And are thrown back again, with the Provincial Militia breaking.
The other half of the Navarese debauch from the church yard to provide flanking fire against the centre column.

At this point Van Halen decides that he must dispose of the Navarese before continuing to attack the town.

The Cavalry for both sides becomes embroiled in a fierce melee in the centre right until eventually just two squadrons of Carlist lancers remain from a total of 12 for both sides.

The Legion line out to face this threat and then refuse their flank.

 At the other side the centre is destroyed by the Navarese and some well aimed artillery fire, just as the left finally takes the churchyard


 Things go from bad to worse as in quick succession 3 brigades of Carlists are rallied in the town and start to march to the sound of guns.

Meanwhile the Navarese start to join the general advance from outside the churchyard.

 Whats left of the Carlist Cavalry takes post on the flank of the legion whilst the whole Carlist army advances on the only untouched element of the Isabelino's.


 At this point Brigadier Conrad decides that discretion is the better part of valour and with an unbelievable orders throw marches his Legion three moves in the opposite direction and the Isabelino's concede the game.

A great game, but I would need to consider the balance if I did it again as the task was too much for the Isabelino's. The original Scenario calls for 9 battalions to attack 18. However a great game had by all and the worth of the amendments proved.

The two main areas we looked at were moving before firing with penalties if you do both and then a brigade break test at 50% rather than just breaking automatically.

These both worked really well indeed and enhanced the game so will now be part of how we play this going forward.

I will do some shots of the Winged Hussars and Polish Cossacks from the painting bench next and then hopefully the basing department will have started to catch up and have some completed units to share.