Friday 10 June 2016


OK Basing department home on Sunday so I expect to have a based unit or two shortly, meanwhile I have got a bit completed I thought I might share.

First of all the TAG Polish Cossacks, lovely figures, much bigger horses than Foundry so definitely wont mix in units. The TAG stuff does paint up very easily.

 I have also just about finished the Warlord Winged Hussars. Very dynamic these gents  and lovely sculpts.

 I did struggle to get these to fit on the bases but got there in the end. More on that when they get their own post after they are based up


Swedish foot from the Kronoberg regiment. Just to prove that my main army for Great Northern War ,the Swedes, is still high on the agenda. I have a couple more in progress and once this unit is done that will give me two brigades of foot.

 On the painting table is the Pancerni command stand, two Polish generals and a Saxon Guard command group all in the early stages but this puts me about 2 thirds of the way through the Pancerni which in turn will take me to 6 units of Polish Cavalry once finished. Wow where did that come from?

 Lastly this is the standard I intend to use for my Pancerni, I put it up as I found out too late that the one for my Winged Hussars wasn't 100% correct so here's your chance, if this ones wrong please let me know!

That's it for now, I have vbeen very active on here last week or two, hoping I can keep that up over the coming weeks assuming I have something to share. Until then have a great weekend.


  1. Beautiful paintbrush on these figures, congrats!

  2. Cheers Phil appreciate it.

  3. Terrific assortment of colorful troops marching off your painting desk.
    Good work!

  4. Cheers Jonathan, it is one of the ways I keep myself going doing lots of different things, good news is that the Great Northern War Project is so divers I can do this and still focus on the same project. I hope to have some finished Brigades to share en-masse soon.

  5. I have an illustration of a Winged Hussar issued in Poland for the 300th anniversary of Vienna which shows a different standard. The Polish text just states that it is a Hussar with lance - whether the standard is so well known in Poland that it is not worth mentioning - however it is not one I have seen before.
    I have Vol of the Illustrated history of the Polish Army (in Polish) will look through the plates

  6. Thanks Bob, I found out that the flag is not quite right, the eagle is slightly different. There were lots of companies of Hussars each with their own standards and pennants. I did try getting the flag pole off and replacing it but couldn't shift it without damaging the figure so in the end have opted to keep it.