Monday 25 July 2022

40mm Peninsular French

Having got a few other 40mm completed I was really keen to get some more French Ligne so I could add another unit taking them to 32.

These 3 in habit give me 4 in total, the other half of this group will be in sleeved waistcoats.

Two advancing, I have another of these already painted so may only use one of them.

The left figure is the first of this one I have painted, lovely figure, I do have another to do at least I think. I probably dont need both of these to finish the Ligne group.

These last two French Ligne are actually Spanish figures with French Shako's, the packs, muskets and waistcoats are essentially the same so why not include a couple of guys who have replaced their worn out trousers with breaches and sandals. Particularly like these guys.

So next I have decided my focus needs to be on some cavalry, adding a different dynamic to our games, heres the first French Hussar.
I've gone with the 4th Hussars, they served in Spain and I like the colour scheme. 
I think Cavalry for both sides needs to be my next task so we have something different to add into our games. The British will have light Dragoons, this should be interesting as Perrys only do 2 figures one loading mounted the other firing mounted and really I want my Dragoons with swords for the most part. Lets see how I get on.

Well thats it for now, more to follow. Thanks for reading and see you soon.

Monday 18 July 2022

First Carlist War Sharp Practice AAR

I havent had the Carlists on table for such a long time so we decided we would get a few out for a Sharp Practice game.

Steve kindly organised the game where I would command the Isabelino's and Chris Flowers would command the Carlists.
On the Isabelino side I had a formation of 2 units of 8 line (I used guard just for fun) with a 6 man skirmish screen. Then a formation of 3 x 8 Legionaires again supported by a skirmish screen.

Oh and a couple of folks (Shaun and Mark) asked for more close ups so I have added a few.
The Carlists had 3 formations each with 2 x 8 figure groups and 2 x 6 skirmish groups in support. One of these units was Militia the other two were line.
Move one and I get in a devastating shot from my Legion skirmishers on the Carlist Skirmishers which Chris manages to all but shrug off.
The last of Chris's troops enters in the form of the Militia formation.

I have my right flank skirmishers forward and we manage to knock off one of Carlist skirmishers.
I have two commanders on top of the individual unit commanders, this is the level 3 force commander, both Foundry figures.
A long range volley from my Line sees shock and a casualty on the Militia.
These Red capped Carlists would prove a tricky thorn in my side. Chris cleverly but two units of 16 against my Legion formation but has them at right angles so I could only really fight one or the other other at once.
These Valencians formed the other arm of the right angle on a hill to the extreme left of the Legion.
The Militia advanced to keep my line infantry busy, taking shock and casualties along the way.
Pretty soon however they have arrived in effective range and delivered a devastating volley taking three casualties from my line and a bunch of shock.
On the left the legion have been flayed by the two 16 man formations but advance steadily, I use the Pas de Charge rule to advance more quickly and remove some of the shock that is stacking up.

The skirmishers on the left flank have simply taken each other out of the game.
Finally the Militia formation is broken and the left hand militia group retires the test removes the first Carlist Morale point. My skirmishers are on their flank now too and inflicting double shock.
The advancing Legion have taken a proper pasting but are now almost in position to unleash their volley. I use the Pas de Charge again to get them nearer and remove a bunch of shock.

My line volleys the command base remaining to the Militia and destroys it causing another morale fail for the Carlists. 
The Legion are at effective range and can unleash their first controlled volley, as the first volley its also one easier to hit and I play the cards to allow for a devastating volley. All aimed at the Valencians.
The Impact on the Valencians is devastating, with 3 casualties and nearly 20 shock they are sent reeling back and the Carlist morale takes another drop.
The Carlists however have a completely untouched unit almost on the flank of the Legion and out of arc of their fire which now blasts the Legion in retaliation.
The Valencian skirmishers also take another casualty but score against my line troops again.

I have removed all the shock from my line but the Valencian skirmishers have hit my officer, a role of a one and he is down and out. Fortunately I already have a spare leader available or this would have been a real problem.
The Valencians are drawn and are forced to retire again, however a double one means they do not lose any more force morale.
My Legion have taken quite a bit of pasty so I decide I will withdraw them, too much shock really to advance, hoping to get them out of effective range and reduce my shock before re-engaging the remaining effective Carlist unit.
The remnants of the Militia are hit again by my skirmishers and pushed further away and another force morale is removed. Just four remain of the 16 man formation.
There is still a game remaining, the Carlists have one unit completely untouched still and whilst the Isabelinos have all their force morale intact they are close to having to test the legion. 
By the end though we had fought each other to a standstill. My moral was higher but Chris still had the only intact unit on table sandwiched between two very badly mauled formations. A winning draw for the Isabelino's?

A cracking game either way.

Thursday 7 July 2022

An Eclectic Workbench update

I have a few different projects on the go (Some might say too many, I couldn't possibly comment) and I have flicked about a bit this week painting and enjoying myself.

Bizarrely after buying a huge lump of 40mm Lead from the estate of the late great Ian Smith and a slew of plastic sprues to add to the bronze age project I randomly started painting Mexicans! Dont ask me, Im not in charge, I just do the painting.

Getting back to the 40mm I really need to get on with the British so heres a light infantry Sergeant to start me off again and a French Ligne officer, sold as a Hessian Officer but looks well in French colours, checking the time on his fob watch.

Three more French Legere, well on the way to another skirmish screen. The left hand running figure with bandaged head is my favourite from this group.
Two more Spanish Guerilla's gives me enough to base up another skirmishing unit of 6, although I may still wait till I have a bunch more before pairing and basing any.. The left figure has the head I had removed from a spare Spanish regular who was pressed into service with my French for the last game.
A couple of British  privates takes my British line to 10 so I can start thinking about basing with a few more, I am still very unsure about the idea of mixing the Perrys (Left) with the Sash and Sabre (right) the style is very different and even the uniform details. I will no doubt play around with options when I have enough of them done.
Last but by no means least a few more Bonze Age warriors, lots of these to paint and I do need a lot more done to be able to field the armies for Midgard.

Plenty going on, main focus remains the 40mm to organise a larger Sharp Practice game in the near future.