Thursday 13 June 2024

Napoleonic 28mm Playtest

Steve has been working on some Napoleonic rules and we got a chance to run a playtest on the first draft of the rules last night.

These are large scale units with 24 figures representing a regiment, so 4 or 5 of these regiments a Division.
Great to get Steves Newly painted figures on table too.

The rules allow the player to attempt to activate a unit more than once in a turn, a failed activation attempt gives the initiative to the other player.

Any time a player activates a division, all artillery in effective range on both sides can fire, so lots of artillery fire, however beware each battery has a limited supply of ammunition.

I gained initiative and chose to concentrate on attacking the right flank of the Russians. Pressing forward to take the village before the Russians could get on table and prevent me.
A battery of 6 pounders supported my assault. the dice at the back represent my ammo, done to 8 rounds already!
Each side had a cavalry division, I chose to push mine forward to threaten the Russkies, not a great idea as it turned out. Keep your cavalry out of artillery range if you can!
As the French advance the initiative passes to the Russians who advance a division onto the village in support.
However they are a way off when initiative passes back and I storm the village.

A hard fought assault sees the French pushed back.
On the French left the infantry approach the other village and decide to volley the defenders before closing. Behind the village the Russian horse close on the flank.
The French go in again and are again held.
At this point my reserve division comes on and marches up the right flank to support our assault.
A third assault on the village finally suceeds in driving the badly mauled Russians out.
With the village in French hands I begin to sweep around the Russian flank with the reserves and the Light infantry occupy the village.

The Russian supports on the left, my right, now begin to deploy.
The Italians on my left finally come on and get going, whilst my main thrust is on my right its important to keep Steve busy on the other side. Whilst I can keep moving the same commands multiple times, if I try the same unit consecutively it gets harder to pass the orders each turn. Switching back and forth keeps me needing a 3 to pass the orders each time. Remember as soon as I fail the initiative passes back to Steve regardless of how many turns I have left, unless Steve has run out of turns.
I advance the cavalry to try draw Steves cavalry in, apart from anything else its a playtest so keep to see what cavalry does. 
A sharp little fight ensues and my cavalry bounce off the Russians.
I hadnt really taken into account that Steve can continue to fire his artillery in my turn and we see the first regiment of French break and the cavalry start to take really significant casualties. 

Steve advances to support the village on my left and its looking unlikely I will make any progress here.

Fortunately on the right as Steve starts to advance from the hill my foot and guns decimate the Russian foot and the with the village in my hands the right is secure. At this point the artillery ammunition rules show their value, Steve has expended his divisional artillery supplies on his left, so whilst my light infantry in the village are badly mauled they remain intact. The left is far less secure and Steve has the upper hand, but Steve decides on balance the French have the better of the day and we stop proceedings there.
 A really different set of rules that worked far better than I may have initially expected.

Overall really enjoyed the rules and picked it up surprisingly quickly. I look forward to a another game soon. Thanks Steve.

Wednesday 5 June 2024

First 1920 Polish infantry Finished & Based

 So the Poles are taking shape now and with Steve Shann supporting the basing I have got some good progress on this project now.

First completed unit is a battalion of Legionnaires in the Austrian style uniform.

I particularly like how these have come out, a mix of Woodbine and Studio Siberia.
The two manufacturers mix reasonably well but not too concerned.
The odd bandaged head adds some character.
I also have my first gun and crew, Woodbine Turks with Studio Siberia heads painted in the 1919 Gre Green uniform with a German 75mm gun.
The Adrian Helmet is a Woodbine head.
The second battallion are part of "Hellers Blue Army" 
Poles in French Horizon blue, either issued in France or in Siberia before embarkation for France.
Slightly more eclectic mix these are Woodbine with a bunch of Brigade games French. The odd Studio Siberia head adds some Polish visually.
Also a couple of Crusader French on the command base here. Very different styles and sizes but just about get away with it I think.

On with the next ones now, thanks for stopping by.

Sunday 26 May 2024

Nearly done with the 40mm Hessians and Spanish

So this week I have reached the final few of the Hessians and the last two of the green faced Spanish. I've also started to add some more livestock for the games.

It was a bright day so I decided to reduce the lighting, this didn't suit the new works phone camera so this is the only shot I took with it. Bit washed out.

The first few of the sheep were already painted to a decent standard but very much as English sheep, I wanted to try more of a Spanish breed so went for the Chorra from the Basque region of Northern Spain a similar area to the home of the Asturian Cattle I chose. Not an ideal fit for the model sheep I have but hopefully near enough
Bit of a group shot here with most of the Hessians. Spanish and Sheep.
I painted the faces and legs of the sheep off white and tried to add a little black around the ears. I think the end result is good enough, these were an ebay purchase, O gauge model railway sheep with another 30 or so unpainted that need removing from their sprues along with 8 cattle, the cattle are painted as Herefords so will need repainting completely.
The last two Spanish both with sleeved waistcoat and Bonnet de Police which adds some much needed variety to my green faced regiment, these last two leave me with a total of 40 plus command figures so I can now start thinking about getting this lot based up for the table.
Six Hessians as discussed before brown trousers predominate with a couple of yellow stripes mixed in, I have also added a couple with off white shako covers to widen the range of colours being used.
Despite the odd set back with a head or musket snapping I cant help thinking that the "gamble" with 3d printed figures re-sized is paying off. I plan to use more in future. I may possibly add a company of Voltiguers to the Hessians and maybe get some French marching to add more poses to the metals.
The last 6 Hessians are painted (Unless I add some skirmishers later lets see) all3d printed Piano Wargames
I had two printed without heads so I could add Bonnet De Police, I think this one came out well.
The pale shako cover and trousers will add some much needed contrast to the browns and blacks in the wider unit
The blue stripes on this ones trousers are a bit far apart but are really meant as a nod to the striped ticking trousers.
Light buff, I like how this one came out.
Even lighter buff, I think the end result when these are all mixed together should give us a quite colourful mix.
Lastly the drummer printed without a head and Bonnet De Police added, not come out as well as the other one, either the head or the body but the head in particular. I think I will just hide him at the back.
So now its getting figures stuck to bases and I can start finalising pom pom colours plus the basing side and start thinking about getting the figures on table in the near future.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday 14 May 2024

Defence in Depth 2 Sharp Practice 40mm AAR

Dave invited me over for a game bank holiday Monday with him and Si.  We had spoken for some time about trying a Sharp Practice as neither had used the rules so I put on a 40mm Peninsular game using the defence in depth scenario.

As a few of you have asked I decided that the main forces would be my new Spanish and Hessians to get them on table.

We had all day so I made fairly large forces, Dave commanded the French and would have:

24 Municipal Guard Grenadiers with  2 level 1 leaders
24 Hessians with a level 2 and a level 1 leader
5 units of 6 Volteguer skirmishers each with a level 1 leader 

78 figures total 
The Allies would have starting at deployment point 1 in the middle

24 Spanish with 2 level 1 leaders
2 Spanish Guerilla skirmishers units of 6 each with level 1 leader

secondary deployment point 18 inches behind the initial one:

24 British line level 2 leader and level 1 leader
2 x 6 rifles with level 1 leader
1 x 6 light British infantry level 1 leader

78 figures

Quality wise the French are slightly better than the Spanish but the British slightly better than the French so with equal numbers and equal leaders this should be pretty balanced. 
As we get started the Guerillas are first out and head for the cover of the church.
Meanwhile one of the main French formations comes on in the shape of the Paris Municipal Guard.
This is immediatly followed by the Spanish line who form up across the open middle of the table to square up to the Parisians. First time on table, lets hope they dont fall foul of the first time curse.
The British come on 18 inches behind the Spanish. These guys need to get forward quickly.

The forces are closing but notning major has happened so far, thats all about to change.
Dave volleys his Paris Municipal Guard into the Spanish taking an action to present and the first fire his volley is predictably devastating, he then plays four flag cards to immediaty re-activate them, re-loads and fires again.  

Shock and casualties are not as bad as they could be on the Spanish, the key will be whose card comes out first next turn.
Si has bypassed the cover of the church and Dave volleys him with his skirmishers and charges into fisticuffs. Not surprisingly the Guerillas take a kicking and are driven back with subsequent loss to force morale.
Woldnt you know it, next turn and the Paris Municipal Guard come out first, re-load and fire again and this time one group of Spanish takes enough damage to be forced back braking the formation and forcing a loss of force morale.
With skirmishers closing on both flanks and the British making no headway things start to look a little bleak for Si and the allies.
The British lights get into action and start to inflict casualties on the Parisians.
Unfortunately another volley and two rounds of skirmisher fire see another group of Spanish forced back and the earlier one forced back again with 3 more losses to force morale.
Si is still smiling as his Spanish disintigrate along with his force morale.
As the British finally arrive on the scene the second unit of Gurillas breaks and flees and the Spanish line is forced back yet again leaving Si's force morale completely broken. We decide to play on a couple of moves as its a play test for Si and Dave, lets see if the British could have rescued the day.
The Hessians are finally moving forwards behind the Paris Municipal Guard, although they weren't really needed in the end.
The British unleash a volley and are supported by the lights and one unit of rifles, the other has gone around the church to find a flank and never got involved.
Its pretty obvious at this poitn that had the British arrived sooner the game wouldhave been very different indeed.

Two rounds of firing sees 6 casualties and multiple shock on the Parisians along with their second in command wounded. Very close to taking multiple force morales and swinging the game but unfortunately for Si its too little too late.
They never fired a shot but as its their first time on table I had to get a picture of the Hessians.

A fun game, not surprisingly for their first outing the Spanish were mullered and the Hessians never did a thing. Still I think Dave and Si enjoyed it.

Thanks for stopping by.