Sunday, 17 October 2021

More 40mm Napoleonic Peninsular 60th Rifles

I have made a bit more progress with this side project, giving myself a break from all of that painting for India which I will no doubt return to shortly.

If anything I am happier with this second batch than the first and enjoying my painting.

You can see I have picked up a couple of extra figures so its not all standing and kneeling firing and the spread of trouser colours is a little broader. Still need a few more to mix in.

This loading chap is very nice and one of the extra figures I picked up, I particularly like this brown/grey colour. Grey was common for these troops I understand so a variety of shades should look good.
Rifleman Harris, listed by Perrys as the company cobbler, this pack makes for an interesting addition with the boots and cooking pot. I have stuck with the traditional blue/grey for this figure.
For the bugler I am back to the brown/grey works really well this one I think, best not to over use it though?
I still have lots of standing firing to do, this one has got more standard mid grey trousers, look good I think.
Lastly the officer, I wasn't keen on this one until I started painting it then fell in love with it a bit. I have given him leather lined green French Dragoon overalls, robbed from a dead Frenchman no doubt, much like Sharpe. A lovely leader for my rifles.
I am already on with the next couple which will give me two units of 6 and a leader for each. 

Happy with that progress, I really must do some French and Spanish too!

Friday, 15 October 2021

Bengal Light Cavalry and Other Things Complete

 I met up with the basing department and picked up some completed units and part units for the forthcoming game. 

This is the second and last unit of Bengal Light Cavalry, I am particularly pleased with the command base.

The figures are mainly Empress Indian Mutiny figures so will come in handy for Sharp Practice when we eventually play the later period. The French grey and white with ornage collar and cuffs combine for a really colourful unit.

The command figure is the odd one out being a Foundry Officer for this same unit, he doesnt look out of place at all. The figure at the back in a covered cap, whilst Empress, has a Foundry head swapped on as the original wore a turban and didnt fit in.
For this particular unit I decided that each troop would have its own horse colour so they are in pairs on the bases, no idea if they did this in practice but European peace time armies certainly did.
I also have some native troops to share which will finish other units off nicely.

The cavalry will finish off a Muslim hill tribe unit and a Sikh Gorchurra unit. both already part finished.
This particular Hill tribe base I quite like and again finished a unit of jezailchis waiting for a leader.
A mix of manufacturers here the leader is Perry plasic, the chap next to him is Foundry, rear left is Studio Minitures and the standard bearer Perry metal.

A colourful bunch who will help expand the collection ahead of the game.

Monday, 11 October 2021

Sikh Wars Play Test After Action Report

 So to prep for the game at Partizan I wanted a game so we could iron out the unit stats and make sure everything worked with the rules etc.

We have yet to find a bespoke set that capture what we are looking for so Black Powder is our fall back set with enough flexibility and most of the players having used them before they will give us a decent game.

We use a modified version of Black Powder whioch gives us a much closer game to the one we are looking for. Details elsewhere on the blog.

First things first though, cakes! This week was mainly Battenburg and cornflake buns. Nice.

The British have three brigades of foot, the outer two having one battalion of Queens and 2 of company troops whilst the middle unit has 2 quenns (European) regiments. Two batteries of guns support eh Foot whilts two brigades of Horse cover the open left flank, each with one Queens regiment, one Native Light Cavalry and one Native irregular cavalry.

The Sikhs occupy a walled village, The 6 battalions of regulard with 2 batteries of guns in the cnetre, the two brigades each of 8 battalions on the left and a horde of cavlry on the right, circa 8 regiments.

Wiht the stats giving the British regiments all the historical advantages they had and the Sikhs holding the walled the village and having the numbers it should balance out quite well.

Chris commanded the British and wasted no time in throwing his forces forward, his British cavalry leadign the charge did not quite reach my Sikhs but had leapt ove rhalf the table, the Centre British Brigade also made good time with the other two flankign brigades taking a little more time.

My artillery open up some ineffective long range firing and my first two brigades of cavalry charge to meet the British. Foolish you would be forgivn for thinking.
On the left my first unit of cavalry are quickly sent reeling and Chris ounces straight onto the next where I amnage a draw. The British lancers howver, best troops on table, manage to roll an unfeasably large number of 1's in combat then follow it with even more 1's for morale and route off table. Unbelievable. It has to be said this was the high water mark for the Sikh Cavalry.

Wasting no time, in Chris's turn he promptly charges in again and sees off two more units of Sikh cavalry. 
The British foot continue a steady advance under Sikh artillery fire and the Sikh right flank foot begin to prepare for the inevitbale destruction of the Sikh cavalry.
Three batteries of Sikh artillery are not inflictign loads of casualties but plenty of disruption slowing the British foot down.
Undettered the British doggedly continue their advance. Casualties mounting as they reach close range.
On the left the British charge the wall of the village and are held by the Sikh irregulars.
Its hottign up now with the British closing on both flanks and the cavlary being gradually decimated by the superior British and Indian troops.
Two more rounds of melee and the Sikh Matchlock troops are still holding off the British, the artillery are poundign the rets of the brigade and keepign it at bay whilst the left most unit is disordered by an accurate voley of Matchlocks, the cavalry meanwhile have taken more casualties and a Brigades break test is required for the first briagde, they fail and a whole briagde is drivern off table.

The Sikhs have been holding firm int he centre but the British guns unlimber and fire with the support of the Sepoys and the first battalion is driven back. My yellow coated irregulars are finally beaten by the British and break, the cavalry have another failed brigad break test and I am down to two shaken units against Chris's four undamaged troops.
Things become desperate and on the left my matchlockmen are seen of by the sepos, the spear armed mob behind thme charge in and are in turn broken by witherign fire.

I lose two battalions more of matchlocks who volley and charge the British at the wall only to be broken and finally the last of the cavlry are charged and break.
The rows of destoyed Sikh troops fill the table edge and only two units of British have been seen off.  Whilst the Sikh regulars still hold firm in the vilage a fresh brigade of British and Indians are poised to swing around my rightand the position is untenable. I accept defeat and we finish off the cake.

A fun game which has given me some ideas for tweakign the artizan show game and provided some good fun for all concerned too.

Thanks chaps see you at Multan (Newark) soon.

Saturday, 9 October 2021

Further Progress with Sikhs and Baluchi's

 So as the game at Partizan draws near I am working hard to finish off a few units. This latest lot will help me to finish off three-ish.

It makes sense to focus on part painted units and gives me a reason to crack on with the wider project. Sikh cavalry first, all Foundry figures with Foundry horses except the Officer who has a Riders of Rohan horse. I do need to make  adecision here, added to two comign back from the basing department and four in my painted box thats a unit but with two officers. I dont have anymore light horse but I could maybe drop a mounted Akali in and have the other officer as a seperate command figure.

So the four Sowars glued to bases to be finished, the command base still be decided on.
The reduced pallette is again in evidence here, this time with brighter splashes of colour for Turbans and shashes. The searmen help me finish off a balde armed unit. I still need a few more with Muskets for another unit. All Wargames Foundry Sikh Wars figures.
I have soem particular favourite colours amongst this lot now, I probably need to add a little variety again.
Here are two blade armed bases to add to the three already based up and rady. Mainly Wargmaes Foundry with a plastic Perry Afghan on the front left with a Sikh head.
These two Baluchi will finish off another blade armed unit good for either the Sikhs or the Bahawalpur contingent. Same Pallete as the spearmen, not a greta photo sorry.
These guys are from the Foundry Darkets Africa range. Lovely characterful miniatures.
Below the whole unit glued to bases, I have started adding the base media to the command base already. Conscious that even if I get all the figures I want painted they will all still need basing!
Lastly Baluchi Matchlock men, donated by Freind Chris Charlton, cheers Chris, a limited and muted pallette to mix in with the ones I already have.
Mixed in with a couple I already had in the painted box they look really nice.
Here they are with the two bases I have already started, these should be completed in time for the forthcomign game.

Thats it for now, the basing department is bringing some goodies home on Friday and I should be able to share those before the game.

Until then stay safe folks.