Saturday 28 October 2023

Mexican Workbench

A recent random conversation with chum Dave about Mexico inspired me to get a few painted for the Maximillian Adventure from the lead pile, there are plenty to go at.

Not loads completed here but its a slow burner this one, happy to add a few bits here and there until it starts to take shape and they are generally easy to paint.

First figures are a few Mexicans, both regulars and Militia, a mix of manufacturers.

These first three are Foundry miniatures probably will be regulars but the middle figure I guess can pass for both regular or Militia.
These two regulars are pinched from the Perry Triple alliance range and Gringo40s Mexican Adventure respectively. I think they mix in quite well.
I have also added a few Legionaires, these are all Foundry figures from the Camerone range.
I like how characterful and dynamic these are, it does though make them harder to mix with other ranges so I will be keeping these in their own battalion and not mixing ranges on bases. The Gringo 40s might mix in at a pinch.
Most of the figures in brimmed hats will be light buff as straw hats, I did want to get the odd one in a different colour mixed in though hence this chaps grey one..

A further Legionaire, a few more and I can start thinking about basing some units up.
Two more Mexican regulars both from Foundry. Reckon I need a good mix before I think about which figures fit with which.

This figure is great as a leader or just a Vaquero, again really characterful, I have used European skin tones to suggest this is a Don of Spanish origin.
With a decent sized order going in to Gringo 40 s for more of these guys watch this space for more French and Mexicans.....eventually.


Monday 23 October 2023

Another Elizabethan Irish Play Test, Another Ford!

With Partizan at the weekend we decided a quick play test to embed the rules would be good, so the English would once again be ambushed crossing a river.

A quick game planned to freshen up the rules for us ahead of Partizan. Steve would command the English with 10 companies, Chris was other side of the river with 5 Irish companies and I was this side with 6 companies.

The English had 2 companies each of Pike, Shotte, Demi Lancers and Border Horse, with one company of Longbows and another of Bills.

I had a unit of Kern Marksmen, another of Light Horse, 2 Kern and 2 Gallowglass, whilst Chris has 1 of Light Horse 2 Kern, a Gallowglass and a Bonnacht.
Being eager to press on I started too close and  I pushed my Irish on this side of the river forward and quickly realised I was in trouble. 6 units of Irish against 10 of English, Chris would have to be very quick to help me out.

Straight off I charged his Demi-Lancers with my light cavalry, if I allowed him to charge me I was doomed. Unfortunately this meant that my Marksmen had no target. The subsequent melee was inconclusive.
The rest of my foot pressed forward to try get in amongst the English and cause some mayhem, unfortunately that menat takign me right up to short range for the muskets.
Chris pressed on as quickly as possible but it was taking time to wade the river.
The volleys all told as did a flight of arrows from the longbows. The second unit of Demi Lancers charge into my Lord and his Bonnacht as did the pike unit. Things did not look great.

Chris had managed to block the bridge with his Bonnacht so Steve charged him with his Border Horse, another inconclusive melee ensued.
The river is still slowing down Chris with my reinforcements.
I charge the English shotte with my Galloglass and then my Kern charge their flank giving an immediate loss of resolve., taking them to 1 which is wavering they fall back I pursue and break them. First blood to the Irish.
Next melee and the Irish lose forcing a test on my Lord who is lanced through and dies tragically, the Bonnacht he commands immediately break and every unit remaining to me takes a loss of resolve .
Things quickly unravel as other units become wavering fall back and impact other units, which in turn break and force more resolve loss, the end result leaving me with just my marksmen remaining, unfortunately as they didnt have a target they ran out to try and stab the first unit of Demi-lancers int he back. My force is all but destoyed and Chris has barely got into contact with the English who now have 9 remaining units to finish of his 5.
Meanwhile Chris has charged the Border horse at the bridge with his own light horse and broken them, unfortunately they are far enough away this has no impact on the other English units who are now advancing on the remaining Irish.
On the right the Demi-Lancers and Billment quickly see of my Marksmen.
Steves remaining forces can now take their time to get organised and advance to see off the remainign Irish.

The Demi-lancers are the first to charge and they inflict heavy causalties on the Gallowglass.

Chris's second company of Gallowglass charge the Pike but they are devastating when charged frontally and quickly destroy the Gallowglass. 
Its all over bar the shouting.

With my force destroyed and Chris's own taking a battering the Irish conceded defeat and the English would march on to do whatever it was they planned on the other side of the river!

Another great game, I really like these simple but effective rules, helped by ensuring we get a result in a  nights gaming. Ready for Partizan.

Tuesday 17 October 2023

Elizabethan and Mexican Workbench

The unimaginative title tells you what you need to know.

As the Elizabethan Ireland project heads towards completion the wargames butterfly is creeping in, in this case with some figures for a longer term future Mexican Adventure project.

Ireland first then, the project nears completion for phase 1, thats the English and Irish. I will add scots and at least 1 unit of Spanish, innevitibly Mission creep will set in but for now nearly there with the plan.

Photography is still a bit hit and miss so please bare with me.

Short of a couple of English commanders so this Timeline figure is a good addition, I have a dismounted version as well who will slot in to a company somewhere, possibly the Spanish.

This next Flags of War Heidman will be another leader or "Lord" in the rules, lovely figure, tis is a Perry plastic Wars of the Roses horse with pistol holsters added. The Flags of War horses are actualy lovely, however very rightly these are much smaller horses for border reivers and I felt the commander needed soemthign a bit grander. Fits really wel..
These three demi lancers will create a company, all Redoubt figures and actually very nice, the standard again Flags of War and I really like this. The right hand horse is redoubt the other two Perry plastics as I find the redoubt horses hit and miss.
A second unit of Demi lancers with a Flags of War pennon, again Redoubt figures on Perry plastic horses, a bit of work required to get these to fit but I like the end result. I have again added pistol holsters on most of these. Added to three demi lancer already complete and a company already based that will give me  4 companies of Demi Lancers, plenty I feel.
I really fancied a unit of longbows for my English, they still had them in the earlier Elizabethan period and they are something a bit different, these are mainly Darlo figures with a TAG archer back left. Really like these.
A couple of command figures will finish off a unit of Billmen for me, again Darlo figures and very nice sculpts these, This flag is from Redoubts range.
Moving to newer project, a bunch of Mexicans here, no particular plan to what I am painting for this yet, just enjoying adding figures and getting a head start for when I really want to progress it, 5 of these are from the Foundry range with one Perry Paraguayan doing service as a Republican regular. Simple gear makes these fairly quick and easy to paint.
Then four more Foundry Legionaires from the Camerone range. lovely characterful figures. Looking forward to eventually getting stuck into this project, it promises to be very colourful.

 The Elizabethan English then are 5 border Horse and a couple of Sword and Buckler men away from complete. Hopefully have these done in the next fortnight ahead of the Partizan demo game. Also hope to have a unit of Spanish targeteers and maybe a Highland scots unit of redshanks but lets see, border horse the priority here..

More soon, thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday 11 October 2023

AAR Rear Guard Action after the Boyne

We were keen to get Chris's late 17th century stuff on table again so he organised a portion of his now formidable collection for a game in Jacobite Ireland.

This assumes James had managed to cobble together some of his retreating Jacobites for a rearguard during the retreat from the Boyne rather than buggering off and leaving his army to its fate (The Irish referred to him as James the Turd for a reason).

Steve would command 4 squadrons of heavy horse, 9 regiments of foot including 3 of guard, 2 medium guns and 2 dismounted companies of dragoons in a skirmishing roll.

Trying to slow him down I have also 4 squadrons of horse, 6 regiments of foot, with 2 being guard, a light gun and a company of skirmishing dragoons. Chris warned me before the off that the Jacobites were outnumbered and outclassed so no expectations and very much a playtest for some units and rules not yet used.

Rules for this period we use Pike and Shotte with some amends particularly for the foot. 

So a few shots of part of Chris's lovely 17th century collection to set the scene.

Steve pushes his central Brigade of Guards forward to take on my line, I am almost immediately in trouble with my right hand regiment coming under fire from one guards regiment and 2 medium guns.

Move one and I am already dis-ordered, oh dear!
I charge the Jacobite Cavalry and Steve counter charges. Steve's morale save bonus sees him win the first round of melee, he follows this up with sweeping charges (Break through's essentially) All four of my squadrons are defeated and forced back with two of them dis-ordered. These will be unable to counter charge next go. We realise at this stage that pushing squadrons forward as supports is counter productive and doesn't really give enough of an advantage, they are much better kept in reserve to throw in later.

I fire my first volley back at Steve and get a bit of luck. Unfortunately his dice are on fire and he saves nearly all of them.

Another volley from Steves guard and another unit dis-ordered and forced to a moral test, which it fails and retreats.. The Guard have platoon firing giving them an extra Dice, my Guard also have this but I only have the two battalions. Nice rule to give a bonus to the better troops.
Unfortunately I have attached my commander to this unit to try remove some casualties, he is mortally wounded and removed from play. 
A further cavalry charge sees all of my horse driven off and my flank wide open, although Stevs Guard and Huegenots on the Williamite left are still only just getting into action, my left is in tatters already.

Steves cavalry now charges the flank of my foot and not surprisingly wipes them out, with one unit gone and another shaken the brigade is deemed destroyed and all three regiments along with the gun removed from play.
On my right Steves foot our now getting going and his first volley yeilds, yes you guessed it, four sixes. I save just one, the unit is dis-ordered by a six so in a little trouble.

At this point we call it a night and a comprehensive Williamite victory, well done Steve.
With 2 thirds of the Jacobite force destroyed and half the Williamites yet to be engaged a resounding victory to Williams forces and no Doubt James is galloping off to leave more of his Catholic subjects in the lurch.

Good fun game, cavalry wasnt really what we wanted in terms of gaming and compatibility so Chris will be looking to tweak this for future games, but overall great fun and what a lovely collection.