Saturday 28 October 2023

Mexican Workbench

A recent random conversation with chum Dave about Mexico inspired me to get a few painted for the Maximillian Adventure from the lead pile, there are plenty to go at.

Not loads completed here but its a slow burner this one, happy to add a few bits here and there until it starts to take shape and they are generally easy to paint.

First figures are a few Mexicans, both regulars and Militia, a mix of manufacturers.

These first three are Foundry miniatures probably will be regulars but the middle figure I guess can pass for both regular or Militia.
These two regulars are pinched from the Perry Triple alliance range and Gringo40s Mexican Adventure respectively. I think they mix in quite well.
I have also added a few Legionaires, these are all Foundry figures from the Camerone range.
I like how characterful and dynamic these are, it does though make them harder to mix with other ranges so I will be keeping these in their own battalion and not mixing ranges on bases. The Gringo 40s might mix in at a pinch.
Most of the figures in brimmed hats will be light buff as straw hats, I did want to get the odd one in a different colour mixed in though hence this chaps grey one..

A further Legionaire, a few more and I can start thinking about basing some units up.
Two more Mexican regulars both from Foundry. Reckon I need a good mix before I think about which figures fit with which.

This figure is great as a leader or just a Vaquero, again really characterful, I have used European skin tones to suggest this is a Don of Spanish origin.
With a decent sized order going in to Gringo 40 s for more of these guys watch this space for more French and Mexicans.....eventually.



  1. A very nice mix of figures there, Roger.

    1. Cheers, as you know I do like soem variety

  2. Very nice indeed Roger…

    All the best. Aly

  3. Nice figures! Sooner or later you will get to about 60 or so Legion figures...and then need to build a it Camerone...and start painting a lot more Mexicans...I happened to me!

  4. A nice little distraction. I look forward to seeing how this develops. Cheers, Chris

    1. cheers Chris steady away with this one honest

  5. Very nice and colourful Roger. Sadly my own - 2mm scale - Mexican Adventure forces are still with a pro painter (doubtless stuck well down his list of priorities due to “real life”. Still, he assures me they will get painted…). Meanwhile, I’ll just have to continue to watch enviously as you progress with your forces.

    1. Hopefully they will be with you soon Geoff, my own are a little down the list for completion, the 40mm project is re-launching as we speak (bit of a way from 2mm) Mexico will be an occasional painting visit over the coming months and perhaps get some proper focus from mid next year.