Saturday 30 October 2021

A last bunch of Natives for the Sikh Wars game

I just managed to sneak these in before the game, hence the slightly sparse grasses, I will add some more later I think. Forgive my tardiness this and a couple of other completed units for the Partizan game the other week still to post.

These will essentially finish off three units for me.

This cavalry unit is short a command base and I decided I would have an Akali fanatic with the commander rather than a standard bearer, keep him in line, bit like a Russian Commisar in the red army.

Both are Foundry riders, the grey horse however is a Warlord croat horse. I think it lends itself to the weapon festooned Akali who has two swords, four throwiing Quits around his cap, a musket and now two pistols int he saddle holsters. Dont get him get close I say.
A bunch of Sikh Matchlocks to accompany the command stand I finished some time ago. These have a good mix of plastics in with the mainly Foundry Metals.
You can see the height difference with the Perry Plastics, these are Afghans with Sikh turbans added, but its not too noticable I feel, the one Empress figure fits in really well, can you tell which he is? I have also added muskets to a couple of open handed figures meant as spearmen for extra variety.
Lastly a command base to finish a unit of blade armed Muslim hill tribes, another mix of metals and plastics and various makes.
The commander is very bright but looks ok mixed in with his more subdued troops, the front two are Foundry, back left is Perry and back right is plastic Wargames Atlantic, the flag is by Virtual armchair general.

I may give myself a little break from India and get some 40mm Napoleonics done, lets see what inspires me.

Cheers, stay safe!

Monday 25 October 2021

40mm Napoleonic Progress

 I am having some fun with these guys, I put the French off, sometimes I have to pursaude myself to paint something knew, once I have a couple painted its easier to just crack on.

A couple more 60th Rifles take me yo 14, thats two 6 man skirmish groups and 2 leaders. Currently all the remaining Rifles are standing or kneeling firing, I dont really need any more in that pose but will probably paint them then decide which to keep and ebay the remainder. I am in the process of ordering some other poses to give me a third unit.

Here they are in the Autumn sun getting a coat of varnish.
Having them altogether like this gives me a little sense of achievement, decent progress with this project. Really need some French and Spanish though.
And here they are divided into two units with their commanders. 

I think this is likely to be my project of choice for a few weeks now.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday 21 October 2021

Partizan Sikh Wars Game write up

 Our first show back in two years and we had decided to put on a demo game set in the second Anglo Sikh War in the run u to the siege of Multan.

I wont go too much into the game itself as we have discussed the premise of the game in a previous post.

The gaming area was 12 feet long by 6 feet wide with the dry river bed at one edge and a built up area of the Hummund Ghuree in the centre wit two villages and a temple complex.

The terrain boards from chums Richard and Andy at Legendary Wargames fit really well for the period. 

The Temple is a Mick Sewell scratch build that chum Chris Charlton brought to compelte the game.

Everythign else is from my collection.
We wanted to play the game through but as with all demo games we often dont get enough actual gamign time to play it right through, this game we werestopped by people wanting to talk so often we only got 3 or 4 moves in by the end.
Wiht that in mind I wont spend a lot of narrative on the game itself but give you an overview of the events. The pictures can do most of the talkign. Be warned there are a lot. Skinners horse below were the advance guard for the British and may have been the only unit broken during the game for the British side.
In the centre is the British baggage train with the siege train and paraphanalia for the siege.
The British had 3 brigades of three battalions and a further two battalions guarding the bagagge they could use.
Two Cavalry brigades plus the advance guard of skinners completed the British order of battle. You can just see Flashman taking charge and leadign from the rear of this Brigade.
The Sikhs had a strong brigade in the Hummund Ghuree with guns and a further brigade deploying in.
Move 1 and the Sikh supports from the Garrison of Multan arrive, two brigades of regulars and a horde of cavalry on either flank.
The camel guns were more of an irretant than anything but look nice.

The British quickly form up and begin to advance on the Sikhs.
The mass of Sikh irregular cavalry both colourful and intimdating, but not particularly good.

The cavalry clash and the first unit of Sikh Cavalry is quickly seen off.

More native irregulars march into the Hummund Ghuree to bolster the defence. It will be a tough nut to crack.

The Sikh regulars supported by guns and horse begin to advance and sort themselves out.
The Bengal light cavalry lead the way for the British forces.

Its so hectic there is little chance to get around the show and gape at the other fantastic games, I caught some quick snaps only of those games nearest us. This 100 years war game was fantastic.

Some fantastic casualty markers and vignettes with these guys.
Back to our game and so far only the horse and guns are in action.

Another horse melee and another unit of Sikh Cavalry seen off. The Bengal Light Cavalry are starting to take casualties of their own though.
Ans there are a lot more Sikhs.
The BNLC withdraw to reform and the Bengal Irregulars taake on the gauntlet charging and destroying a further unit of Sikhs.  This forces a brigade break test and the first brigade of Sikh cavalry is destroyed.
Another quick look around this lovely 6mm? world war two game surprised me by visually looking stunning.
And this Pacific Island game is actually a mat which is fantastic, another visually stunning game with lots going on.

The Perrys and chums had a Triple Alliance game up to their usual amazing standard, a lovely period this one and giving me some ideas to follow in a later post.

Back to Sikh Wars and the Skinners are charged by the Sikhs and destroyed bless them, they had already taken heavy casualties from artillery. 
The Sikh Curassier break through onto the Light Dragoons but are in turn broken and route away.

On the right having broken the first brigade of Sikhs the British pass the Lancers through the line to take on the next Brigade.Both native units having been mauled in seeing off the Sikh cavalry.
The foot have advanced but are now close to the Sikh gun line and as they are pinning the Sikh regulars in place decide to hold their line
Skirmishers pushing up the dry riverbed uncover a horde of Muslim tribesmen waitng to pounce, a good place to avoid this!

The second unit of Sikh regular cavalry charge and are bloodily repulsed.

Back to the other games and this earlier India game was jam packed with some wonderful Vignettes, hunting cheetahs, circling vultures, banyan trees you name it, absolutely lovely stuff. I must resist.

This SYW game won the Vignettes prize, well deserved a fantastic looking game.

The artist painting the naked lady was a cracking touch.

James Morris and chums had a lovely looking El Cid game with some really stunning 3d printed Vignettes and lovely boats filled with archers.

The French Indian War game next to us had some lovely touches too, the light in the cabin suggested it had been fired.

I also had a good chat with the Sharp Practice game next to us as I am moving into this theatre, another really nice game.

So overall a very sucessful day although we will have to stage the battle again if we want to actually play it to a conclusion.

Hope you liked it too.