Saturday 30 October 2021

A last bunch of Natives for the Sikh Wars game

I just managed to sneak these in before the game, hence the slightly sparse grasses, I will add some more later I think. Forgive my tardiness this and a couple of other completed units for the Partizan game the other week still to post.

These will essentially finish off three units for me.

This cavalry unit is short a command base and I decided I would have an Akali fanatic with the commander rather than a standard bearer, keep him in line, bit like a Russian Commisar in the red army.

Both are Foundry riders, the grey horse however is a Warlord croat horse. I think it lends itself to the weapon festooned Akali who has two swords, four throwiing Quits around his cap, a musket and now two pistols int he saddle holsters. Dont get him get close I say.
A bunch of Sikh Matchlocks to accompany the command stand I finished some time ago. These have a good mix of plastics in with the mainly Foundry Metals.
You can see the height difference with the Perry Plastics, these are Afghans with Sikh turbans added, but its not too noticable I feel, the one Empress figure fits in really well, can you tell which he is? I have also added muskets to a couple of open handed figures meant as spearmen for extra variety.
Lastly a command base to finish a unit of blade armed Muslim hill tribes, another mix of metals and plastics and various makes.
The commander is very bright but looks ok mixed in with his more subdued troops, the front two are Foundry, back left is Perry and back right is plastic Wargames Atlantic, the flag is by Virtual armchair general.

I may give myself a little break from India and get some 40mm Napoleonics done, lets see what inspires me.

Cheers, stay safe!


  1. Fantastic job! All your conversions look splendid!

  2. Lovely looking Sikhs! I followed a link from the Lead Adventures forum to your cossacks and have worked my way up to date,great stuff,gallowglass and kern are our only crossover but you're simplified but effective take on tartan might finally push me towards my unpainted Montrose army!
    Best Iain

    1. Cheers Iain, you might also consider crossing the less well armed Highlanders over for use in Ulster with the Kern and Gallowglass.

  3. Colourful and dynamic stuff Roj