Monday 29 August 2016

Swedish Casulaties and Artillery GNW

Hi, basing department has finished a few bits for me before returning to University. Firstly my third Swedish Gun and crew. This is actually the standard Eborlight gun with 4 crew left over from the previous guns. I like to think the gunner pointing at the officer is shouting "Its his fault we missed!"



The casualties are ideal for Black Powder casualty Markers. Ideally I will end up with one per unit so will need about 12 eventually. I particularly like the body draped over the drum, this is a lovely sculpt.

That's it for the moment, I have a stack of Swedes, Russians and Saxons on the workbench and I am looking forward to the release of Warfare Miniatures Swedish Cavalry over the coming weeks.

The basing department has taken 3 units of Polish cavalry with her back to York so hopefully see those finished upon her return.

Thanks for reading.

Friday 26 August 2016



Quick Workbench update as I get into the swing of things after my holiday and before the basing department has finished anything.

I have picked up some Ebor Russians and finished the first couple of figures. These are nice sculpts, albeit that there is only one model for the trooper. I intend to do head swaps for three of the six troopers to give me some variation, the Ebor separate heads will come in pretty handy for this.

I am also working on Russian Horse Grenadiers. These troopers do have two head variants to a pack so not planning on any conversions here. Both units utilize the same command pack in Tricorne.

 Lastly more Saxon Guard, these guys put me 7 figures into the third battalion of 18 so pretty close to a brigade of Saxon Guard.

On the table I have more Saxon Guard, Russian Cavalry and Swedish foot guards all looking nice. I am thinking that once I have a few more I will plough my energy into finishing one of the units rather than mixing and matching, probably the Russian Dragoons.

Bassed Swedish Gun and casualties, close to completion so hopefully a post soon with these for your perusal.

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Wednesday 24 August 2016

Bagamayo 1916

Hi All

Sunday was Partizan 2 the wargames show at Newark and our group (Bramley Barn Wargamers) were presenting a demo game.

When talking about a game a couple of months ago we wanted something different that would stand out and be visually interesting, but also would utilize the collections we already had. We then started thinking about whether we should be considering something relevant to the 100th anniversary of the battles in 1916. Bagamayo was almost 100 years to the day for Partizan so became a logical choice.

Chum Chris Charlton and I had the figures already, "Admiral Charlton" already has a fleet of various sized boats and Chris Flowers had ideal terrain.

In terms of the game itself The Royal Navy was quick to agree to stage a landing at Bagamayo in East Africa using Sailors and Marines from the ships in the area supported by Zanzibar Rifles. Despite being outnumbered the Imperial Forces took Bagamayo from the German and Askari forces defending it (including a gun from the battleship Konigsburg) with relatively light casualties, no doubt in part due to the fire support from the Royal Navy ships off shore.

We only managed few moves in our game and got a great response from visitors to the show , below are a number of pictures captured on the day by the Admiral himself. Enjoy!

 One of the big guns taken from the Battleship Konigsburg.

 Basing department back in action so hopefully so Great Northern War figures based to share with you soon.

Thursday 18 August 2016

El Cid AAR

Tonight we had our first game of El Cid using Hail Ceaser. I did a bit of extra painting to ensure we had enough figures, in particular the man himself needed to be finished.

Spanish standard bearer from Gripping beast.

El Cid campeador, again Gripping Beast character figure, love the cloak.

The forces were fairly even but the Christians had much more heavy Cavalry whilst the Moors had an abundance of light cavalry.

The Moors had 5 units of light javelin armed cavalry and one of horse archers, plus 3 units of mercenary knights, add this to five units of medium foot an 3 units of archers.

The Christians had 5 units of heavy knights and two of light javelin armed cavalry plus 5 units of heavy foot and 2 of medium foot and three units of crossbows plus one of slingers.

The Christians had the edge in quality and numbers but the Moors had a more flexible force.

The Moors tried to use their light cavalry to get behind the Christians on each flank, whilst the Christians wanted to hold off the Moorish light horse and force a decision with their infantry in the middle. The Moors had wisely kept El Cids mercenaries in the middle to bolster their foot.

The Moorish Horse drove off the Christian light cavalry on the right flank and pushed back the crossbows, they were however unable to make any headway on the left against a force of Christian Knights.

Meanwhile in the middle the battle swung back and forth with the main foot forces and the remaining Christian Knights taking on El Cids Merenaries.

After loosing a unit of Mercenary horse and Christian foot things were evenly balanced as the night drew to a close, the Moors were able to hold the Christians on the wings and in the last Melee of the night El Cid destroyed a unit of Christian Knights and followed up to the remaining unit punching through in the centre to achieve a hard fought victory.

A fun first outing for the Spanish forces ad a very enjoyable game. Thanks Andy, Chris C, Chris F, and Mark.

Partizan on Sunday. See some of you there I hope on our Bagamayo game.