Monday 29 August 2016

Swedish Casulaties and Artillery GNW

Hi, basing department has finished a few bits for me before returning to University. Firstly my third Swedish Gun and crew. This is actually the standard Eborlight gun with 4 crew left over from the previous guns. I like to think the gunner pointing at the officer is shouting "Its his fault we missed!"



The casualties are ideal for Black Powder casualty Markers. Ideally I will end up with one per unit so will need about 12 eventually. I particularly like the body draped over the drum, this is a lovely sculpt.

That's it for the moment, I have a stack of Swedes, Russians and Saxons on the workbench and I am looking forward to the release of Warfare Miniatures Swedish Cavalry over the coming weeks.

The basing department has taken 3 units of Polish cavalry with her back to York so hopefully see those finished upon her return.

Thanks for reading.