Friday 26 August 2016



Quick Workbench update as I get into the swing of things after my holiday and before the basing department has finished anything.

I have picked up some Ebor Russians and finished the first couple of figures. These are nice sculpts, albeit that there is only one model for the trooper. I intend to do head swaps for three of the six troopers to give me some variation, the Ebor separate heads will come in pretty handy for this.

I am also working on Russian Horse Grenadiers. These troopers do have two head variants to a pack so not planning on any conversions here. Both units utilize the same command pack in Tricorne.

 Lastly more Saxon Guard, these guys put me 7 figures into the third battalion of 18 so pretty close to a brigade of Saxon Guard.

On the table I have more Saxon Guard, Russian Cavalry and Swedish foot guards all looking nice. I am thinking that once I have a few more I will plough my energy into finishing one of the units rather than mixing and matching, probably the Russian Dragoons.

Bassed Swedish Gun and casualties, close to completion so hopefully a post soon with these for your perusal.

Thanks for reading


  1. Replies
    1. Much appreciated Phil, based casualty markers and artillery to follow soon.

  2. Excellent. Making those Ebor figures look really appealing.

    1. Cheers Paul, I hope with the head swaps the Russian unit will look really nice.

  3. Cheers Jonathan, hopefully have a unit of each done ovr next few weeks.