Sunday 30 October 2022

More completed Spanish and French 40mm Peninsular

Surprisingly I have been able to keep the momentum with the 40mm project, the wargames butterfly content to flit between units.

So some completed units to share with you that will have their first outing on the table in due course.

A fifth group of Spanish for Regiment Hibernia. Tried to create more variety for the overall formation with this group.

Three of these figures are French ligne in sleeved waistcoat's but with Spanish heads. The two advancing poses mean that there are now figures other than just marching mixed in.
Whilst only two are in uniform I added two in Bonnet De Police to add some colour. Two of them have been cast with blankets thrown over their shoulders which again adds to the diversity of the overall unit. Very happy with these guys.
Sticking with the Spanish, these two bases will be added to a pair of armed Monks to create another skirmish unit taking me to three. All Sash and Sabre, I like the leader figure best from these.
The leader is also my third so a leader for each skirmish group.

Then a third group of Legere skirmishers. A couple of these have some conversions by Ian Smith, two others I picked up from a fellow wargamer already painted, I generally don't buy painted figures but these are very nice and a decent fit for my own figures.

Lastly a couple of Legere leaders, nice couple of figures these which pretty much finishes off my Company of Legere skirmishers.

I spotted these when Simon Walker brought his Mauri collection to Steves for a game. The idea being its easier to keep a track of which leader is which. I have 1-9 for both sides. Red and Blue.
Heres how it looks with a leader Institue. Produced by sabotag3d they were happy to do these to my size requirements (30mm)
Here are three of the reds to give you an idea.

So there you go three more groups for the project and we get a bit closer to finishing off this collection. 

Thanks for stopping by, catch you soon.

Friday 21 October 2022

Triumph Of The Will Rule Refresh AAR

 After our recent game we agreed that the firing mechanics in Triumph Of The Will were clunky and needed a review. By coincidence Chris has all but finished his Chinese Warlord army so it was also an opportunity to get these lovelies on table.

After diving into the obligatory Tea and biscuits we organised our forces. 

Chris and Steve commanded the Chinese, each had a regiment of infantry in 4 companies supported by a gun and MG. Steve also had a regiment of 3 squadrons of militia cavalry. Amongst Steve's troops were also dare to die troops with sword and pistol alongside storm troops with SMGs.
The Mad Baron Von Ungern Shternburg led our forces, Chris Flowers had two regiments of white infantry supported by one MG and a battery of 2 guns.

I led a force of Mongolian Cavalry 3 units of 7 tribal horse and 2 units of 6 Chahar Mongol "Regulars" I also had an infantry regiment of Officers support by an MG.

The key thing we have found clunky has been firing. Previousley you had one die for every 5 figures firing having to roll lower than the number of firing figures. This can then be modified up or down. The issue being that each unit is made up of between 6 and 10 figures so you are always throwing 2 dice needing different things on those dice. Clunky and hard to remember.

Chris has revamped that, something very different but still in line with the wider rules,.bare with.

Chris has some lovely 3D printed terrain peices like this lovely dragon and the Pagoda in the background.

Opening shots were White artillery as the only thing in effective range. Chris's new firing mechanism is that you can roll as many dice as you like but must score lower than or equal to the number of figures firing. I was pretty sceptical to be honest but it worked really well. So if you have an 8 man company firing you need to score 8 or less, roll as many dice as you like but if you roll 6 you are not very likely to score any hits. If you roll just one you are guaranteed a hit. You then get a saving throw. So you can gamble with more dice but need to get lucky.

Guns have a notional value of 5 figures per crew as do MG's, we were using barrage fire allowing us to concentrate a battery on one target but with a -5 so 3 crew per gun and notional 5 figures per crew is 30 for the battery, -5 for barrage fire we needed to roll 25 or less. Chris Flowers decided he would roll 6 dice so on an average roll he would be well in.  He actually rolled 25 so just in, that's 6 hits. Chris saves on a 5 or 6 being drilled troops. He saves two so 4 casualties on the Chinese guarding the bridge.

This did seem slightly too easy for artillery as you are very unlikely to miss unless you get greedy, we parked it to revisit as the game went on.

Steves Chinese had a long range hit with artillery on my Mongolian cavalry, with a notional 15 figures for his gun he rolled 3 dice, scored within 15 and got three hits, I saved 1, as its long range this is just shock so two points of shock slows the cavalry down by 4 (Infantry slows it by 2 cavalry movement is always doubled)
So far so good and the Whites are advancing steadily on the Chinese.
Our Artillery misses the Chinese this time but Steve is now in effective range and we get another 3 hits on the Mongols saving 1. 2 hits from MG fire add disruptions slowing us down further.
The Chinese militia cavalry await us calmly on top of their hill. Do they know something we dont? Maybe just that ponies are no match for modern artillery and Maxims.
 The Cavalry close and are now just a move away from hitting the Chinese, the Chinese however inflict another 4 casualties on the leading unit. Effectively putting this out of the game, the following two are badly damaged and have already been passed through. But the Chahar Mongols on the extreme left are untouched and about to go in.

Small arms fire has taken these tribal mongols down to 3 figures, artillery now takes them to just the one remaining figure and they are out of the game.
The field is looking pretty clear now! The infantry have continued to advance and having destroyed the infantry at the bridge and the MG the artillery switch's targets to the heavy weapons for both flanks.
The Chahars close and the tribal cavalry are able to reach their flank and support them. We then commence a bloody and bitter ongoing melee.

We need an unmodified 6 to cause a casualty. The Chahars get 6 dice to start then add 2 for being a training level high than the Chinese Militia. A further three for being aggressive and a further 3 each for supported flank.  One more for the Commander gives us 18 dice. The Chinese have 8 plus 4 for being supported and one for their officer so 13. 

Initially a draw we refight immediatly and the Chinese are destroyed along with their commander. My remaining Chahar charge the second unit of Chinese, now we have no idea if they are supposed to be disordered or not. Noting this down for review of rules later we fight again, another draw, then again, another draw then finally the Chahar win this time leaving 4 of the original two units of 6 remaining against one unit of 8 Chinese.

As the Infantry press forward and the artillery deal with all but one of the Chinese heavy weapons we charge again.
Mutual destruction. the cavalry have fought each other until nobody on either side remains, never seen that before.

We review the artillery rule at this stage, not rolling to hit for artillery has led them to be slightly too powerful. We re-introduce the original rule that a gun must hit before rolling casualties in our new way. The last two turns of white firing prove this to be a little less devastating so we will probably re-adopt this.
The White foot have now reached effective rifle range, the Chinese are badly damaged and only one unit of whites has taken any real damage, but its too late to press home our attack and finish the game off so we call it a day.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the game and found the small changes we made have enhanced the game. It also helps that Chris has incorporated all the rules and not missed any out as I usually do.

A great evening all around and lovely to see Chris's Chinese Warlord collection. Another soon I hope.

Sunday 16 October 2022

More 40mm Spanish off the Workbench for Peninsular Project

 Busy, Busy, The French have crept ahead with the finished figures so I thought I better get some more Spanish completed to keep things even.

I have ended up with a lot of French and as I had some spare Spanish taking them from 32 to 40 seemed appropriate, the next six regulars should allow me to do just that.

There is a mix of figures, as you know I like as much variety as I can in these units. These two are both French Ligne figures wearing sleeved waistcoats, as many of the Spanish wear the same simply adding Spanish heads brings these into the Spanish unit and just gives me a couple of extra different poses.
These next two both have an extra blanket moulded on thrown over the shoulder, different heads and paint jobs make them quite different. I do like both of these particularly.
Nice to add a couple in with the proper uniform so here are two, each with different leg wear and heads.
These two Guerilla's will be added to four I already have to make another skirmish unit, Sash and Sabre figures, these are OK rather than brilliant.
Taking the two Spaniards I already have painted this is the eight man group as they will look, just a bit of basing then I can mix them into the wider 40 man formation.
Of course I havent just been working on Spanish.

These four Light infantry will give me a third unit of Leger skirmishers and another leader figure.

Another 6 Grenadiers for Paris Municipal Guard, mix of poses and trouser colours.

The chap in the middle is the only one for this unit in sleeved waistcoat so they will look slightly more uniform than some of the other units. Still a bit of variation with the 5 different figures being used. Planning to have 3 groups of 8 of these. With the addition of these I have 12 painted so far.

Again good progress and I am managing to stay enthused about a single project still without too much side tracking.

A few more of these and I will have to get stuck into the Connaught Rangers....honest!

Thanks for stopping by folks.