Sunday, 16 October 2022

More 40mm Spanish off the Workbench for Peninsular Project

 Busy, Busy, The French have crept ahead with the finished figures so I thought I better get some more Spanish completed to keep things even.

I have ended up with a lot of French and as I had some spare Spanish taking them from 32 to 40 seemed appropriate, the next six regulars should allow me to do just that.

There is a mix of figures, as you know I like as much variety as I can in these units. These two are both French Ligne figures wearing sleeved waistcoats, as many of the Spanish wear the same simply adding Spanish heads brings these into the Spanish unit and just gives me a couple of extra different poses.
These next two both have an extra blanket moulded on thrown over the shoulder, different heads and paint jobs make them quite different. I do like both of these particularly.
Nice to add a couple in with the proper uniform so here are two, each with different leg wear and heads.
These two Guerilla's will be added to four I already have to make another skirmish unit, Sash and Sabre figures, these are OK rather than brilliant.
Taking the two Spaniards I already have painted this is the eight man group as they will look, just a bit of basing then I can mix them into the wider 40 man formation.
Of course I havent just been working on Spanish.

These four Light infantry will give me a third unit of Leger skirmishers and another leader figure.

Another 6 Grenadiers for Paris Municipal Guard, mix of poses and trouser colours.

The chap in the middle is the only one for this unit in sleeved waistcoat so they will look slightly more uniform than some of the other units. Still a bit of variation with the 5 different figures being used. Planning to have 3 groups of 8 of these. With the addition of these I have 12 painted so far.

Again good progress and I am managing to stay enthused about a single project still without too much side tracking.

A few more of these and I will have to get stuck into the Connaught Rangers....honest!

Thanks for stopping by folks.


  1. Another lovely batch of 40mm figures Roger and looking forward to seeing you tackle the Connaught Rangers!

    1. Connaught Rangers on the painting table now so you will see soem resilts in a couple of weeks.

  2. Lovely toys Roger…
    I like the idea of putting Spanish heads on the French waistcoated bodies…
    I may have to steal/ borrow that…

    All the best. Aly

    1. Cheers Aly, lots of little tweaks we can make to stretch the range out as you are also showing.

    2. Aly, all my best ideas are filched off someone else ;-)

  3. Just gorgeous Roj. Cheers, Chris