Monday, 3 October 2022

Completed 40mm Peninsular Cavalry

 Having completed the last few Cavalry I wanted to share them with you as completed units.

First up the French 4me Hussars. Not as distinctive without their dolmans but still a bright unit.

The command figures were those remaining to be done so the photos do pretty much focus on them.
All Perry miniatures Hussars, I do also have a set of Sash and Sabre to paint as the same unit, although I might do the Elite Troop with those.

The Trumpeter in particular pops in his reverse colour jacket.

Whilst on with mounted figures it made sense to complete this chap. Leader for the Paris Municipal Guard.
I am not sure that the photos do him justice but I am really happy with this guy.
There are a lot of photos as I was experimenting with two different phone cameras.

I do like a grey horse and particularly the pink nose when I allow myself the time to add it.
Originally a Ligne officer I have removed the head to add a Bearskin and swapped the arm wielding a sword to another one with pointing finger directing his men, hopefully different enough that they dont look odd on the table together.
Next the British Light Dragoons. All Perry miniatures apart from the leaders horse which is Front
These guys took bit more work than most others as all the guys with swords had to be slightly converted from men firing or loading a carbine.

Not nearly as colourful as the French but I do love the Tarleton helmet. The only head swap is the chap with  bandaged head taken from a Flashing Blade Portuguese Cacadore head.

Lastly the first of my Cacadores, a Portuguese Sweet William with his eye patch. Really like this figure.
Bags of character, just what we need in a leader for the Portuguese contingent.

Thats it for this time thank you for stopping by, hopefully see this on table in the near future. Cavalry less useful in Sharp Practice but a nice to have for sure. Just as well really I ahve loads more French cavalry to paint.


  1. Beautifully done …such lovely figures

  2. Can almost hear the hooves on the cobblestones. Excellent work.

  3. More 40mm loveliness Roger - its all very tempting! I must agree re cavalry in SP - but you do need them I suppose as evidenced by this famous quote from Punch* 1892:

    General: "Mr. de Bridoon, what is the general use of cavalry in modern

    Mr. de Bridoon: "Well, I suppose to give tone to what would otherwise be a
    mere vulgar brawl."

  4. Haha lovely quote. Didn’t realise Punch went back so far 🧐 Great cavalry mate. Cheers, Chris

  5. Almost always, the finished unit is a reason to celebrate. So let's celebrate yours, fantastically painted!

    1. Thanks Bartek, hopefully some more options now for the games.