Tuesday 13 February 2024

40mm Perrys Peninsular Workbench

Another bunch of mainly 40mm Spanish coming off the work bench this week.

Lets start though with the few French,  3 Perry French fusiliers for the Paris Municipal Guard. Pompoms left black so I can decide on companies once I have fitted them to their bases. This unit is intended to be fairly scruffy, some of the later figures will have breaches and waistcoat and some Bonnet de Police mixed in.

The green faced regiment are coming along nicely, I will add a couple with waistcoats but whilst its easy I will finish off the ones that Tony Runkee had started first.

This was a test figure, as the cut of the Uniform for the Hessians and Poles was very similar to the Spanish I got Paul from Sabotag3d to print a couple without heads (removing them with resin will just shatter) in this case I have added a Spanish bicorne, the join is not perfect, something to consider next time, but the end result looks OK. May do some more of these.

Then three more of the green faced regiment, this takes me to 21 complete so very good progress. Nearly ready to consider basing some of these up.

Whilst these pictures didn't come out so well, I left them in as I liked the fake sunset in the corner.

Mrs C and my son sorted me out with a new mat, sky background and pedestal ring light for Christmas (Thanks very much) so I thought I would use them to add some pictures of the latest 40mm Hessians.
I haven;t cropped all of these so you get to see the mat and background on a couple.
The sky background needs ironing but is double sided and very nice, I like the arid mat, great for India and Spain whilst still working for a dry European mat I guess.
All pompoms black so I can decide on companies later.
3 out of 5 have yellow trousers seam and all have slightly paler Shako covers than the first ones painted.
Lots of different angles as I try out how the lighting works.
Really happy with how the Hessians came out and I think the lighting is also a bit better. I like how this one came out.

So thanks for stopping by. See you again soon I hope.