Thursday 7 July 2022

An Eclectic Workbench update

I have a few different projects on the go (Some might say too many, I couldn't possibly comment) and I have flicked about a bit this week painting and enjoying myself.

Bizarrely after buying a huge lump of 40mm Lead from the estate of the late great Ian Smith and a slew of plastic sprues to add to the bronze age project I randomly started painting Mexicans! Dont ask me, Im not in charge, I just do the painting.

Getting back to the 40mm I really need to get on with the British so heres a light infantry Sergeant to start me off again and a French Ligne officer, sold as a Hessian Officer but looks well in French colours, checking the time on his fob watch.

Three more French Legere, well on the way to another skirmish screen. The left hand running figure with bandaged head is my favourite from this group.
Two more Spanish Guerilla's gives me enough to base up another skirmishing unit of 6, although I may still wait till I have a bunch more before pairing and basing any.. The left figure has the head I had removed from a spare Spanish regular who was pressed into service with my French for the last game.
A couple of British  privates takes my British line to 10 so I can start thinking about basing with a few more, I am still very unsure about the idea of mixing the Perrys (Left) with the Sash and Sabre (right) the style is very different and even the uniform details. I will no doubt play around with options when I have enough of them done.
Last but by no means least a few more Bonze Age warriors, lots of these to paint and I do need a lot more done to be able to field the armies for Midgard.

Plenty going on, main focus remains the 40mm to organise a larger Sharp Practice game in the near future.


  1. You’re an artist. Light infantry sarge is my favourite from this batch 👍🏻

    1. Cheers yeah he came out quite well thank you.

  2. Nicely done eclectic is good 👍