Sunday 26 June 2016

GNW Swedish Cavalry Karelska

Hi, so after finishing the Nylands cavalry I order another unit of Cavalry from Ebor straight away, this time with Korpus heads instead of Tricorne, I have only had them about a week bit I got a bit carried away and finished painting them this afternoon.

They are separate arms and legs so gives you plenty of choice for how you build a unit.

I am pretty pleased with them. I also think the photography is slightly better than usual too.

 This one with the bandaged head is particularly nice. Not sure why but the faces on this bunch have come out really well.

I have also completed a small job for my Pal Chris, as I may not see him for a few weeks, here you go Chris, hope you like them. More Paul Hicks sculpst these are from Empress Miniatures Jazz age Colonialism range, downed airmen.

Last picture, the basing department is back and working on my next unit of Swedish foot, think I am likely to get a slap for posting a picture of her in her dressing gown!

So that's it for now, hopefully the unit being based right now will be ready for a post in the next couple of days.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Cheers Michal, there have been a few negative comments about the poses of the men and horses which I do get but for me the faces on figures are always a key aspect (suspect I am in a minority there) and these faces are really nice.