Sunday 19 June 2016

GNW Swedish Cavalry Regiment Nylands

Hi All

Having repaired the flags for these guys I thought I might share the finished article with you.

These are Ebor Swedish Cavalry for Great Northern War, you might have seen some concerns I had from an earlier post but I have to say that the finished article is great and I am so pleased with these I have just ordered another unit.

It was a particularly tight fit getting these to fit onto the base, whilst that was the idea I did wonder a couple of times if it was going to work. The plan was to have them literally boot to boot, Swedish tactics called for the officer to take the middle with troopers locking their knees behind his so they really were stirrup to stirrup when they went in, forming a shallow wedge. I wanted to replicate my image of how this might look with my units.

 The below shot gives you a view of the shallow wedge pretty much as I had envisaged it originally.

 The Ebor Swedish troopers come with separate heads which allows you to create a lot of diversity in the unit. Although I have only used the heads that come with them you can also get bandaged heads and Korpus which will come in very handy.

For the next unit I have asked Nick at Ebor to send Korpus wearing heads for the troopers (Officers are cast on tricorne) and I may add in a bandaged head, thinking the Karelska Cavalry in grey faced blue.

What else in on the go I hear you say.

Well here a re few shots of forthcoming Saxons and Swedish artillery. I am particularly please with the Ebor officer and drummer for the Saxons. This next Saxon unit will have a number of floppy hats mixed in with the tricornes.

Last is a First Carlist war Rocket crew, these have been converted by friend Chris for whom I am painting them. The rocket launcher and mule are still on the bench.

 Next up will I think be Swedish foot.


  1. That's a tight fit! Wonderful stuff and great job by the basing department even more so given the lack of room on the bases.

  2. Thanks Truls, wait till you see the Winged Hussars I seriously didn't think I would get them onto the bases it was that tight. Worked int he end though

  3. Wooow! Fantastic looking cavalry. I love their formation on the base! Greetings.

  4. I appreciate that Michel thanks. Using this formation for all my Swedish horse, I think it captures their attitude quite well.

  5. Excellent work and really nice figures.

  6. Cheers Paul, just had next unit of Cavalry arrive, this time with Korpus hats. Couple of weeks away but think these will look really nice.

  7. Most impressive job, love your wonderful and dynamic cavalry...excellent!

  8. Cheers Phil. Just starting the Karelska Cavalry. Grey faced blue, same figures but with Caps instead of Tricornes.