Tuesday 28 June 2016

GNW Swedish Foot Regiment Vasterbotten

So the basing department is hard at work and next off the desk is Regiment Vasterbotten.

Its another colourful Indelta unit in the Korpus cap (I only have one more unit to do with Korpus at present)

This regiment was also destroyed with Roos in the Russian earthworks at Poltava, it actually had two small battalions there but I only intend to do one for now.

This is one of the most mixed units I have done in terms of manufacturers, I had 5 Foundry figures and 8 Warfare all charging in Korpus left over, so it was a case of filling the gaps with the Ebor figures. Both Ensigns, two pike and the Seargent are Ebor.

This view shows you the "virtual" three rank structure, file closers to the back.

 This last just illustrates how the deep bases help protect the figures from my fat fingers when gaming.

Lastly I have also had back from the basing department a Swedish General, as I have completed so many of his Brigade from Poltava let us make him General Roos.
This is an Ebor General and a very easy figure to paint as there is virtually no face. The drum is spares from Wargames Factory sprues.

That's all for now, the Karelska Cavalry and Polish Generals are on the basing table as we speak so hopefully complete some time soon. 

Thankls for your time and as always feedback gratefully received.


  1. Absolutly wonderful, love the details (great drum!) and the paint brush...

  2. Thanks Phil really appreciate it.