Tuesday 14 June 2016

GNW Swedish Artillery

The basing department is back and starting to make inroads into the back log. Expect to see Swedish Cavalry, Polish Pancerni, Polish Generals, Swedish Foot and Generals and Saxons over the coming weeks.

But for now first of the blocks is the second Swedish artillery piece.

I wanted this to look a bit different to the last one so added the Gabion which I think gives another dimension to the base.

 The figures are from the excellent Ebor range and I really did enjoy painting these. They are Paul Hicks sculpts which I always find a delight, maybe his style of sculpting just suits my style of painting? They are also a very simple unit to paint. The Gabion is a plastic Renedra one.

You can find Ebor Miniatures here http://www.eborminiatures.com/ I think the Swedes are all listed now but Nick the owner does now have Russians for those of you who have been waiting.

Hopefully this is the shape of things to come, the Nylands Cavalry also from Ebor are based and I am again very pleased with them, I just need to glue the flag back on before taking some pictures and putting a post up, I shall be deducting this from the basing departments pay (not really)

I also have  affair bit of progress on other units so I may have another workbench update too.

Thanks for reading.

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