Monday 2 May 2016

Workbench update

Hi All, got fair bit painted so whilst I wait for the basing department to return from University (next weekend I think) and catch up I thought I would give you a brief update of what I have painted.

Sikh Matchlocks
 First up a couple of Indian Matchlock men for my on-going long term Sikh Wars Project. At some point this year I will do a separate update of how that is coming together. A beautiful and colourful period.

I have also completed a second unit of Cossacks. Mainly from the Foundry range by Mark Copplestone, the eagle eyed amongst you may recognise the leader as the same figure leading my Valachs but in a  different colour. I picked up 4 of this figure fairly cheap on ebay so expect to see it used again when I eventually get around to doing my Winged Hussars.

Foundry Cossacks
Bit of a cheat next is the Narke Varmland Regiment, I say a cheat as these have been sat in the basing box for a month or two now waiting for the attention of the basing department.. A very colourful unit which will hopefully get a full write up very soon when the basing is complete.
Narke Varmland

 Lastly my most recently painted figures from the Vasterbotten regiment. These are pretty much the last of the Warfare figures I bought a while ago bolstered by both Wargames Foundry and Ebor miniatures.

 In the picture below you can see just how nice the Ebor Ensigns are.
Standard Bearers by Ebor

Don't tell them your name Pike

The pike are 2 Ebor and 1 Warfare. I particularly like the one with bandaged head, one of the great things about Ebor separate head system.

The Foundry musketeers don't sit quite so well with Warfare but they look OK once based up.

I have my first regiment of Ebor Swedish Horse arrive this weekend so that is my next wee project, I may also do an AAR of the 20mm Cold War game we played today with friends at Legendary Wargames in Chruch Fenton. A fantastic looking game to which I forget to take my camera so hopefully someone else got some good pictures!

Enjoy whats left of the bank holiday and thanks for reading.


  1. Oh vesterboten is on my to do list too! Lots of eye candy in this update!

  2. Cheers Truls, thinking Cavalry next, possibly Nylands in Grey faced red.

  3. Many great looking works-in-progress on your painting desk!

  4. Cheers Jonathan, I guess the trick now is to get them all completed and on the table top.