Tuesday 31 May 2016

Quick Workbench Update

So been a little quite this end, plenty painted but not much getting based just yet as the basing department has another week before University breaks up for the summer. So in the meantime I thought I might share what's been coming off the painting table.

Firstly I have painted a second battalion of Saxon Guard. This now gives me two battalions of foot and one unit of horse, so still a fair way to go. I really like how these are coming out with the mix of Wargames Factory musketeers and Ebor command.

Better pictures once the basing is complete.

 We then have the second Swedish General, an Ebor sculpt, very simple paint job, especially as there is no visible face to paint!


 Lastly a bit different, I have a small Northern European Bronze Age army on the go in the background, just for a change I painted this hassle free miniatures figure who will be my warrior queen, I have a second of this model which will be built into a chariot so I can have one dismounted and one mounted, I may do a post on this army in the future as I am really pleased with how some of the simple conversions have come out.

Next week we have a large Carlist Wars game of , re-fighting Huesca. Hopefully get lots of Pictures and hope to put a picture heavy after action report on here, then we should have a based unit or two to share.

See you then.


  1. Excellent works in Progress. Saxons look terrific!

  2. Cheers Jonathan. Hopefully have them based up and finished in a week or so.