Monday 16 May 2016

Swedish Foot Regiment Narke Varmland


Last unit completed by the basing department before departing back to Uni.

The Narke Varmland regiment were one I fancied doing right from the start with the red facings and leggings.

Narke Varmland was another of the Indelta units which formed the backbone of the Swedish military system. They fought in numerous engagements and were also one of the units lost with Roos in the redoubts at Poltava along with Vasterbotten, Dal regiment and Jomkopings. Just Jomkopings to finish to have all of these units, although still to decide if they will be in Korpus or Tricorn.

 This unit probably has the largest mix of manufacturers in, Mainly Warfare the nearest figure on the left hand base is an Ebor grenadier, the Pike are all Footsore and four of the musketeers are Foundry.

 The shot above gives you an impression of how the virtual third rank works and the deep bases. Not for everyone but I like how it looks.

I am now working on another gun and crew whilst dabbling with Pancerni, winged Hussars and more Saxon Guard. I will probably do a work bench update on these next weekend if I get time in between gaming at Partizan in Newark.


  1. As usual, that's a very nice job.

  2. Spectacular and wonderful units, beautiful paint job, flags and bases...excellent!

  3. Thank you Phil, I appreciate the vote of confidence.