Saturday 21 May 2016

A rather Polish work Bench update

So as it is Partizan eve I thought I would give you a work bench update.

This update has a rather Polish flavor as I have been enjoying my recently acquired TAG and Warlord Polish cavalry.

I do have a slightly odd approach to my painting rather than focusing on one unit until complete I tend to have a number of different things on the table at once being a bit of a butterfly by nature I do like to flit from one to another. Whilst this means it may take longer for full units to emerge it keeps me interested and probably ends up with a higher turnover of figures.

This first figure is a spare Old Glory Winged Hussar, I think he will make a nice Brigade commander as he is a bit small to mix in any of the units.
 Just to re-assure you I have not lost sight of the Swedish army being my main focus a second gun and crew, Ebor figures and very nice indeed. You never know these might be based up quite soon with the basing department home for a couple of days next weekend.

These next three are Warlord Games winged hussars, I have always wanted to do winged hussars and these are very dynamic figures, I also have some redoubt winged hussars will be interesteing to see how they compare.
The next three are TAG Pancerni. Very nice figures which are very easy to paint. I am wondering if I might be able to squeeze two units of these out of the figures I have available.

Lastly TAG Cossacks, I should have enough for two units of these fine fellows, they certainly do look far more Polish than your generic Cossacks, although I may pick up a couple more Packs of the Foundry ones this weekend at Partizan.


Hope your appetite is suitably whetted for the end result of all this Polish cavalry. Feel free to pop and say hello tomorrow at Partizan I will be helping out with an ACW game with friends from Legendary Wargames and Bramley Barn gamers.