Monday 14 December 2020

By Defeating My Enemies and Other Goodies

 The post man has been busy this last week with a number of lovely arrivals.

First amongst these was the new Helion title by Mike Gleaser "By Defeating My Enemies" a biography of King Charles of Sweden, the Monarch who led Sweden through a string of amazing victories in the Great Northern War before the ultimate defeat and death in battle (Oops spoiler alert),

Its a fascinating subject and Mike does it great service with this book. For me as a wargamer for this period it gives valuable perspective which I found really helps me understand just what was going on and why, rather than a series of events, dates and battles.

For anyone interested in the period and in particular the Great Northern War this is highly recomended.

The latest Flags of War Kickstarter also arrived, a calendar with images of Highlanders from the 1745 Rising, putting aside that I rarely use Calendars and my wife thought it curious I had a calendar with men in skirts this is a lovely thing. The artwork is fantastic and as a visual painting reference will be brilliant, the free bookmark and postcard will come in handy although I am not what I will do with the sticker just yet.

The images are lovely, my particular favourite being the Baggots Hussar, I shall be picking a unit of these up from Flags of War as the latest kickstarter finishes.

I also used some christmas present money to pick up a couple of books, "The Barons Cloak" looks an interesting read, viewing the First World War , Revolution and Russian Civil War through the journey of  Baron Von Ungern Sternberg a fascinating but pyscopathic character. I do have a bit of a fascination for this larger than life character and his doings so this promises to be a valuable addition, perhaps giving me some further ideas for Wargaming the period.

"The Action at Badama Post" also promises to be interesting, the Third Afghan War being another fascinating period and hopefully plenty of ideas springing from this too. Hopefully these two dont divert
me too much from the multiple projects I am already on with.

Thank you Mr Postie, look forward to seeing what else turns up over the coming weeks.