Thursday 17 December 2020

More Highland Buildings for the Jacobite 1745 Rising

 The last two (for now at least) of my buildings for the 45. Again both are lovely Hudson and Allen buildings, same basic painting approach as the last one, this now gives me a really good selection of buildings that will also be ideal for Border Reivers and Elizabethan Ireland.

This first one is half timbered and thatched, sort of half cow shed half croft. Couple of figures for scale.

The contrast in colours between the thatch, wood and stone works really well with this model.

 This last one is the largest I bought on this occasion and is a lovely piece.

At some point I will set a table up and photograph the whole lot together, probably when I have more of the figures based to set them off.
I have used a number of different purple flowers to represent heather and add a touch of colour to the model, it doesnt need many to lift things and soften some edges.
The only different colours used on this model are for the earth between the walls. I have matched this to the colours I used on the based figures so its Colour Party again leather brown as a base coat, wet brushed with ECW Buff and then dry brushed same as everything else with the bleached linen.

Different enough from the stone that its obvious its not the same but close enough not to look odd. Well thats my theory anyway.

Its a really lovely scenic piece this one and I look forward to seeing it on table with muskets lining the walls.

Taken as a whole that gives around a dozen buildings, mainly Hudson and Allen, that I can use for the 1745 rising but also for the Borders and Elizabethan Ireland. I am picturing a table with a village around a large Inn with a walled manor at one end and a scatter of crofts around the edges.

Chum Chris who is also doing the 45 with me has some of these models also, so plenty for a large table set up.


  1. Great stuff RogerC! I see lots of other uses for these as well. Glad you were able to share your own.

    1. Haha cheers, yes Border Reivers and Elizabethan Ireland will certainly get some use for these as a minimum.

  2. They’re fabulous models and you’ve done a super fab paint job. I originally bought these and other border reiver buildings for Ireland. Obviously Scotland is more what they are designed for. Like you I look forward to seeing a fine looking village on the tabletop ๐Ÿ˜

    1. Cheers Chris, between us we should have quite the collection for a lovely demo game some time in 2024 when we are allowed out of our bunkers!

  3. Amazing and so truly Scottish buildings! One made partly from wood, very posh ;)