Tuesday 28 September 2021

More Baluchi and Sikhs Painted

 So I am pretty focused now on finishing units I have already started for the Sikh Wars project and in particular for the forthcoming game.

I am slightly short on native commanders so this first couple are really useful.

This is the Perry Miniatures Afghan commander alongside a Foundry Afghan Leader, these guys will get based together.
Two more Afghans for the Muslim Hill Tribes, again one Foundry and one Perry. The Foundry figure on the left has a Perry plastic arm instead of sword for a bit of variety.
The next three give me some more blade armed troops, a plastic Swordsman by Wargames Atlantic with Perry plastic sword arm and shield. Foundry Afghan leader, I have gone bright as I dont usually and this will lift a whole unit of drab tribesmen. Lastly a Sikh spearman, again Foundry.
This off white is working really well and I surprise myself by liking the bright yellow and blue for the leader.
This Sikh horseman gives me 6 light irregulars, so one of my key targets will be four more to finish a unit.
Again Foundry Sikh Wars for this chap.
You can see with these next ones the limited pallette batches I am using, the pale blue with greena nd orange works really on this bunch, all Sikh irregulars from Foundry with the right hand chap getting a matchlock instead of spear.
The Baluchi will augment my Bahawalpur contingent, two units to do these take me a decent step closer.
These four leave 2 short of a Swords armed unit so again top of my painting list are the two to finish this unit off. All Foundry Darkest Africa figures with a Vurtual Arm Chair General flag.
Thes last two again Foundry with VACG flag, these leave me 7 short of the last of the Baluchi Matchlocks. So not a huge ammount to do to give me two more foot and one more horse unit, of course it will only give me a week to ase them all if I manage to paint them but.........
Continued good progress, happy with how these lovely sculpts are comign out and I think the units will look well once they are mixe together.

More to come so see you soon.