Monday 6 September 2021

43rd Bengal Native Infantry Complete

 The second of the completed units I have based myself is the 43rd BNI. I also completed a further mounted officer so lets look at him first.

This is another figure from the Empress mounted officer pack and in this case I have chosen a standing horse which I think suits hime quite well. I think he looks perfect as a brigade commander of infantry.

 He has yellow facings so may perhaps be from the 10th or 29th foot in Staceys or Taylors Brigade, possibly Staceys as the 43rd were brigaded there too.

Here is the battalion complete, I am a bit torn with these guys. The mix of the covered shakos and white trousers I think looks great but I am really not a fan of these particular Studio figures.
Like much of the Studio miniatures Colonial figures these old figures were withdrawn and many (but not these yet) were replaced with new much nicer sculpt.
Whilst they do have different heads its very difficult to tell so to add some variety I have dropped in some plastic Napoleonic British with head swaps to try and break things up.
The odd thing is that the torsos work really well and the heads kind of do when removed from the torso. The arms and cuffs are all wrong and the collar is too thin, they are not a million miles away but not my favourite figures by a lon way.

The officer with bandaged arm is Studio miniatures and a lovely figure, pleased with how is off white sling came out.
The standard bearers are the lovely Empress figures from the Indian Mutiny range, two musicians from Foundry Sikh Wars and the drummer next to the officer is plastic Perry Napoleonic with a metal bandaged head.
You can see the two other plastic figures here extreme left and third from left, they look OK and the ehads suit them strangely.
A close up of the first plastic, not wondeful but he will do.
You can also see second fromt he elft a further head swap for a bareheaded figure, this came out quite nice to bw honest.
So I remain undecided about these guys but it is another completed unit and a bit different to the others to add some variety.

More to come, until then stay safe.


  1. Whatever your misgivings about them, I think they look rather splendid and show some talent off very well.

  2. SUperb uniform and great job on them, the wounded officer is wonderful!

    1. Thanks Phil, I think he is my favourite from this unit too.

  3. I think they came out very nicely.

  4. Reservations aside you have done a fine job on them.

    1. Cheers OB, they will have their first outing soon

  5. Hi Roj
    Maybe not the best minis, but a rare almost unique unit. Definitely worth keeping. Especially with your paint job 😉

  6. I agree - I think you are being over harsh on yourself - these figures look fine to me!