Sunday 12 September 2021

Sikh Gorchurra Cavalry and Highlanders Workbench

 The butterfly has been trying to get out.

I decided to let it wear itself out with some colourful figures.

Firstly some Sikh irregular cavalry. Bit of a mixed bag as that is what was primed and ready to paint. I am a little short of mounted officers anyway so......

I purposely went full out on the colour schemes to get as much variety as possible, think I managed to achieve that.
This first figure is a Studio Miniatures Character from the Kickstarter, lovely single piece casting, however the sword it comes with is very short, more like a curved dagger so I removed it along with the hand and added a plastic one from the Wargames Atlantic Afghan Box set. Pleased with the outcome.
This chap is a Foundry Sikh with armour under a colourful jacket. 
Another foundry figure, this time an unarmoured officer. I have kept his horse pretty simple so I have more choices for the unit he might lead
Another armoured horseman with a real mix of bright colours. 
Moving on to the 45 this is a Front Rank British Officer for Barrells. 
Batch painting with a grey blue in this instance, really obvious the size difference with the two Front Rank figures and the Redoubt swordsman.
I have used some simple and rich colours, these guys will not be sharing a base or even a unit so I dont mind the massive size difference.
A further group, this time I wanted to throw in a nice Twany orange colour with the blue grey. It was a bit of a push but I think its worked, not too bright but I wont be adding loads of these.
The Redoubt figure looks HUGE here, not sure he is actually that much bigger,  I think the tawny works with the blue. The khaki certainly does.
The penny is to stop the Redoubt figure falling over, the firing figure is a Bicorne ECW figure and the right hand charging chap is from the Flags of War 1745 range.
These will be mixed in with the other highlanders in multiple coloured plaids currently in the painted figure box in preparation for our first game with these guys.

More to come, thanks guys for reading. Stay Safe.


  1. Very nice work Roger. Early tartans were quite simple so your work matches perfectly with that.

    1. Cheers Paul, I am happy with the results so far. Once en masse I think they will lok eve better.

  2. Great looking figures all around, I do like the tartans and the Sikhs...

  3. Replies
    1. Cheers Neil, need to keep motoering on for Partizan

  4. Great stuff Roj. The tartans work really well. And the Sikhs are very colourful. One of the attractions of colonial irregulars and the Sikhs offer colour by the bucket! Nice work on the government officer. Not long before we can do a game? No shortage of buildings for sure!

    1. I reckon we could do a 45 game in about a month if we wanted, just a bit of basing to cacth up on.

  5. Splendid looking Sikhs Roger…

    I don’t envy you painting tartans… you have done a fine job…

    All the best. Aly

    1. Cheers Aly, Tratan is one o those horrible things that is great once complete.....or not Lol

  6. Splendid additions to your collection.