Friday, 13 July 2018

Warfare Swedish Cavalry

So I came home the other day to a parcel waiting. Nice and heavy which always makes me smile, got to be lead inside there!

After a long old wait, with a fair few technical issues and set backs for Warfare, the Swedish Cavalry are finally here. I do still have that child like response to boxes of new figures, getting them all out for a good look and drool.
4 different horses and a fifth that is the same as one of the others but with a bit of officers edging to the pistol covers. These a lovely horses, I do however have a clear favourite and a clear least favourite!
Two packs of troopers with swords shouldered and cast on.
Two packs charging with separate arms to add variety. Lot of character in the these in particular.
Two packs of cavalry command and two of Dragoon command, same figures with different musicians. Separate arms for one of the officers and drummers. Again lovely figures with some clear favorites for me including the charging drummer.
Heres the first lot with the arms I have chosen, no flash on the figures so barely any cleaning up to do at all. Enough here to finish my two units of Lifeguard and the Livonian Adelsfana.
The first three with arms glued on and scabbards, the one in the middle has a wee gap I will need to fill with liquid green stuff. My fault nothing wrong with the casting.
Heres one of the Livonians glued to his horse, I only do this at bare metal stage for black horses as the rest are oil painted separately. For blacks I use grey dry brushing.
Primed in black and first layers of block painting applied with a dry brush of grey over all the black areas.
The Livonian has a lot more black to dry brush and a grey coat too.
The horses for the Livonians are primed white and a base coat of acrylic added prior to oil painting. The lifegaud horses have been done for 18 months so just need a dust off.
First three sat on horses to see how they will look.
Starting to add some colour now, buff trousers and webbing, some brown hair and highlighting the jackets in my new "fog grey" and paiting the facings an ever so slightly brighter sky blue.

The Livonian is also taking shape as we add colour, I particularly like the yellow saddle cloth on a black background.
So thats 4 Lifeguard and a Livonian painted, really happy with these, particularly like the chap with a bandage over one eye. he ever so slightly brighter turnbacks, cuffs and collars also seem to have worked well.

Here are some I already prepared (wheres my Blue Peter badge please?) I will mix these with the new ones for the Lifeguard and the Livonians, although as mentioned all the Livonians will be on the new style horse which sill need to be finished.
Four Livonians so with the new one painted I am well on the way with this unit too.

The horses for the Livonians are drying on the window sill in the glorious sunshine. Darker oils slapped onto the acrylic base then wiped off to get the shading around the muscles etc.
So here they are the first 9 for the Lifeguard and the first Livonian, all the Lifeguard on old style horses, the fit is OK rather than great as they were designed for the new style horses, but I am happy with the final outcome.
And here they are glued to bases in their distinctive chevron formation and ready for the basing department to pick them up and do her thing with them Hope to have shots of the completed unit in a week or two.
There you go, more cavalry and foot coming soon and a mini review of the Helion book, we also have at least one GNW game on the cards in the coming weeks so keep popping back for updates.


  1. Very nice. Particularly like the Livonians

    1. Cheers Neil, I think the Livonians will be lovely, another wekk or two before I finish them though. Lifeguard painted and just needs basing.

  2. Fantastic!
    You'll have a mighty fine collection of Swedish cavalry!

    Also all honour to you for being able to wait for the basing department to finish.

    I have to do the basing as soon as the paint is dry on the figures.

    1. I dont have that option really Truls, my stomach is in a bad way and so my painting time is very limited, if I base them too I get even less painting time. Currently need to take a few days off the painting as I have done too much so cant base them even if I want to.

  3. Excellent post for some lovely figures