Monday 17 August 2020

More Afghans - Muslim Hill Tribes for Sikh Wars

The Basing Department  is back in full swing and I picked up a number of units this weekend. The first being these Afghans to be used as Muslim Tribal Irregulars in the Punjab.

One base of blade armed warriors the others with muskets and jezails.

There is an eclectic mix of manufacturers here, with Perry, Foundry and Studio metals alongside Wargames Atlantic plastics. Generally I think they work.
The kneeling plastic warrior looks tiny in this shot, I cant decide if that is camera angle or reality as some other folks have mentioned this figure seeming too small.
The Perry sculpts are my favourites by far but taken as a whole I think these guys actually look quite good.
Some of the Plastics come out much better than others, but as fillers they are ok, weirdly the bases seem larger than other figures hence one dangling off the back here which is annoying me a little bit.
The Studio figures are slightly wooden for my taste, they are however lovely simple figures to paint and again mix in well enough with the others to add a level of variety.
With Perry's plastic Afghans coming soon it will be interesting to see how they mix in and add another level of variety to this mixing pot of ranges.


  1. A very animated unit! Each man acting as he sees fit. The kneeling figure is a little old man so might look small surrounded by warriors standing. The plastic figure base hanging over the back can be pared back to confirm with the base edge and touched up. Simples :-) Chris

  2. Disreputable looking bunch of badmashes! Like the colours - subdued but effective

    1. Cheers Steve, exactly what I was goign for.

  3. Replies
    1. Cheers I think the Perry plastic Afghans will also mix well and I even have a pack of Empress figures to mix in too.

  4. You couldn't fault them they look so natural.