Thursday, 26 March 2020

Sikh Regular Dragoons

Whilst the bulk of my Sikh Cavalry will be the colourful irregulars I did want to have at least a couple of units of regulars. These are Foundry castings with a few Eagle Miniatures horses thrown in to make up the numbers.
The uniforms are taken straight from the Wargames Illustrated guide by the Perry twins, the dark red being the Colour Party paints Scarlet I use to undercoat most reds with some white added to it for the highlights given an almost dark pink effect which I quite like.
The dilemma I had with these was that I although I had just enough figures 5 of the figures I had available were trumpeters which seemed more than a little excessive. Chum Dave suggested carving the trumpet from the back of the figures and then glueing a carbine in its place, I had my doubts  but gave it a go. Eventually I did this little bit of surgery on three of the figures which gave me enough to form a unit of 10 with just the one actual bugler.
The Sikh officers often dressed in bright silks rather than regulation uniform so I have depicted this officer in bright yellow but with the same colour turban as his sowars.

Below you can see where I have removed the trunpet and replaced with a carbine, it might be best if you dont look too closely!

I am reasonably happy with the end result on these guys, my understanding is that the regular cavalry was divided up amongst the infantry divisions and brigades so I plan to have a unit each in the 4 regular brigades I am planning.

I already have one unit of regular Currassier and enough figures for a unit of lancers, with 4 battalions and a battery of guns in each brigade this will give me a fairly nice balanced force for the regulars.

The irregulars of course will be an enitrely different matter and I hope to have lots of these in all sorts of ad-hoc brigadings of varying qualities.


  1. Very nice toys Roger...
    That red has come out rather well... I like the colour you’ve got...

    All the best. Aly

    1. Cheers Aly my favourite red, this is the scarlet by colour party paints

  2. Seems to recognise these as the chaps that got in the way of my triumphant cavalry. Big fan of these Perry sculpts along with the cuirassiers. I'd forgotten that the regular lancers exist :-O Great modelling and painting mate. Cheers , Chris

    1. I think your guys were universallytriumphant until they bumped into these fellas. I have just enough for a unit of Lancers just need to decide how to do the lance pennants.

    2. Just as per Perry painting guide. You can get the right look by cutting paper really thinly. Or foil if you have it.

    3. I will try paper as a start, will eb a few months yet.