Sunday, 14 January 2018

Moor El Cid off the Workbench

The basing department iscalling in for Sunday dinner today so I have been busy getting some of my El CId units finished off so she canfinish them up for me in time for the game at the end of the month.

I have been pretty productive although many of these were already half finished.

You saw the first couple of Berber light cavalry in my last post, here is the unit finished, apart of course from the basing.

 They are a mix of Artizan, Gripping Beast and Black Tree.

 Then ther are the Flemish mercenaries. I do like this colour scheme.

 A new commander, we are bound to need lots these.

 And El Cid cant be complete without Charlton Heston.
 The unarmoured foot will add to a base I already have leaving me 5 to paint and base to create another unit.
 And the addition of this standard bearer to the command figure gives me the first base of my next cavalry unit.
So that should give me plenty for the game.

In other news we have day three of the new year game set in WW1 Mesopotamia this week and Warfare announce the forthcoming release of there long anticipated Swedish Cavalry (anticipated by me anyway) So we should see a return to Great Northern War posts very soon.

As always thanks for bearing with my ramblings.


  1. Great work on these. Look forward to seeing more

  2. Cheers Neil, should have end result on these in a fortnight.

  3. They look fantastic, wonderful job Roger!

  4. Nice work. And yes the Warfare release is exciting - have you seen those dragoons drummers? they're a must have I think.

    1. Agreed Paul, I plan to get 4 units more of horse and then possibly use those drummers to do two units more of dragoons.