Wednesday 31 January 2018

El Cid Christian Catalan foot

The second unit based and back from the basing department is a unit of Christian un-armoured foot.

Most of the Christian foot we have between us is armoured,touch of megolamania creeping in I think, the army lists suggest about 75% should be unarmoured so I am attempting to keep most of my new ones unarmoured.

The red and yellow colour scheme was used across a number of regions of Spain so these could be troops from a number of Kingdoms or Counties, I have chosen to use my red and gold scheme to represent Count Berenger of Barcelona and his Catalan troops. He was defeated by El Cid on two occasions and active through the period I am looking at so that suits my needs.

Our first game is this weekend and will be pretty simple pitting all of our Islamic forces against all of our Christian forces. But the political situation in spain was vastly more complex and shifting than that so future games will potentially have a mix of troop types, religions and mercenaries on both sides.

This particular unit is a real mix of manufacturers which is pretty much the way I have gone with my spanish. Mixing metals and plastics from Gripping beast

More to come.


  1. Excellent, lovely colors and great job!

    1. Thanks very much Phil, its a good colour scheme and you dont need much colour on the troops when you have it on the sheilds.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Jonathan, couple more units of El Cid to post, the Cataln Knights are nice particularly.