Friday, 26 January 2018

El Cid Commanders

The basing department as turned up trumps again and brought me a few units for the El Cid game this weekend.

First to share with you are the Commanders.

The first one is a Gripping Beast figure, his shield denotes him as most likely a Christian but other than that he could easily pass as a Moor. I have chosen to paint his shield in the Blue and Gold of Asturias so he will be a sub commander to the Count of Asturias my main commander.

I am not sold on the green I used on the sash, brighter might have been better but other than that I quite like him.

The second commander is El Cid himself, this is Mark Copplestone's version based on the film starring Charlton Heston and here he is complete with quif and a beam of sunshine.

I think he looks the part and I have made an effort to remain true to the colour schemes used in the film. He is a bit chunky and his shield is much later than the figures we are using but its Charlton Heston so we cant complain.

I think this particular figure was a giveaway at one of the big shows a few years back, mine was donated by chum Dave, thanks Dave hope you like him.

These will be debuting on Sunday so we will see how they get on against the hordes of Ben Yusuf.



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  2. Great looking minis Roger, love the dynamic first one...and your paint job!

    1. Thanks Phil, its A LOVELY CASTING AS YOU SAY, reasonably happy with it, I think the green needs to be brighter but other than that its OK.