Saturday, 10 June 2017

GNW Swedish Bremen Dragoons

Hi, so finished these a couple of weeks ago, but with the basing department in the final rehearsals for her Performance as part of a professional Theatre Company in York of "No Game for Girls" I have bitten the bullet and decided to base a couple of units myself.

So no comments please about how much better her basing is!!

I have gone for the Bremen Dragoons, they are one of the few with facings other than blue or yellow and did fight in a number of engagements making them a really useful unit.

These are Ebor Miniatures, the Drummer is one of Nicks optional figures and is a nod to them being Dragoons rather than Horse, although the Swedish Dragoons performed the same shock function as horse. The flag is from Warfare Miniaures.

 I missed my usual plan shot from above showing the slight v formation but I think the above gives you a bit of an idea of this.
 And the below close up gives you a nice view of the detail on the figures.
I have a unit of Swedish foot almost based so will drop these on soon, the basing department will be back in full swing in a couple of weeks when the play is finished.

Thanks for reading, new post probably in the next few days.