Thursday, 16 February 2017

Last of the Mounted Cossacks

So I was going to wait until the weekend to load this but couldn't wait.  This is the last of my four regiments of Ukranian Cossacks for the Great Northern War. I have been really pleased with these, the Foundry figures are full of character and the TAG figures complement them very well indeed.

The TAG figure here is the bare chested guy on the left of the picture.

 These Cossacks are really useful as they can be used as Irregular Russian Cossacks, Polish or Ukranian Cossacks fighting alongside the Saxons, Poles, Russians or Swedes as you like. To start with I may need to use these to bolster my Swedish Army as it is far outnumbered by my colleagues collecting the Danish and Russian Armies for the period.

Below is the completed Brigade of mounted Cossacks complete with Hetman in the last picture.
So that is all the painted units based up and loaded to the blog, my stomach injury leaves me painting very little at present so my next post will be around the next planned units and the small number of figures I already have painted for these.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Cheers Phil. Loads of character to paint, wioll have to stop myself doing more.

  2. Thanks Neil. Its coming along

  3. excellent.
    We need to arrange a game to get these figures on the tabletop.

    1. We do, we do. Rugby season ends in a few weeks too so will come back to you with some dates.