Sunday 26 May 2024

Nearly done with the 40mm Hessians and Spanish

So this week I have reached the final few of the Hessians and the last two of the green faced Spanish. I've also started to add some more livestock for the games.

It was a bright day so I decided to reduce the lighting, this didn't suit the new works phone camera so this is the only shot I took with it. Bit washed out.

The first few of the sheep were already painted to a decent standard but very much as English sheep, I wanted to try more of a Spanish breed so went for the Chorra from the Basque region of Northern Spain a similar area to the home of the Asturian Cattle I chose. Not an ideal fit for the model sheep I have but hopefully near enough
Bit of a group shot here with most of the Hessians. Spanish and Sheep.
I painted the faces and legs of the sheep off white and tried to add a little black around the ears. I think the end result is good enough, these were an ebay purchase, O gauge model railway sheep with another 30 or so unpainted that need removing from their sprues along with 8 cattle, the cattle are painted as Herefords so will need repainting completely.
The last two Spanish both with sleeved waistcoat and Bonnet de Police which adds some much needed variety to my green faced regiment, these last two leave me with a total of 40 plus command figures so I can now start thinking about getting this lot based up for the table.
Six Hessians as discussed before brown trousers predominate with a couple of yellow stripes mixed in, I have also added a couple with off white shako covers to widen the range of colours being used.
Despite the odd set back with a head or musket snapping I cant help thinking that the "gamble" with 3d printed figures re-sized is paying off. I plan to use more in future. I may possibly add a company of Voltiguers to the Hessians and maybe get some French marching to add more poses to the metals.
The last 6 Hessians are painted (Unless I add some skirmishers later lets see) all3d printed Piano Wargames
I had two printed without heads so I could add Bonnet De Police, I think this one came out well.
The pale shako cover and trousers will add some much needed contrast to the browns and blacks in the wider unit
The blue stripes on this ones trousers are a bit far apart but are really meant as a nod to the striped ticking trousers.
Light buff, I like how this one came out.
Even lighter buff, I think the end result when these are all mixed together should give us a quite colourful mix.
Lastly the drummer printed without a head and Bonnet De Police added, not come out as well as the other one, either the head or the body but the head in particular. I think I will just hide him at the back.
So now its getting figures stuck to bases and I can start finalising pom pom colours plus the basing side and start thinking about getting the figures on table in the near future.

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  1. They all look great Roger, a lovely mix of colours and headgear.

  2. Lovely work Roger…
    You have a fine collection there…

    All the best. Aly

    1. Thanks Aly, more to come but well into it now

  3. Look forward to using those Roj.

  4. Smashing looking figures Roger.

  5. Great minis Roj. Such a unique collection. I approve of the baa baas lol. Cheers, Chris

    1. Cheres Chris, need a few more and more cattle but a decent start I think.

  6. Great additions to your collection!