Saturday 2 December 2023

40mm Workbench

With the Elizabethan game done and the collection for this project at least completed for phase one I was keen to get back to the 40mm Napoleonics.

I have hurt my gut a bit doing too much with the Elizabethans so this latest unit has been really useful.

I picked up a bunch of part painted Spanish from the late Tony Runkees workbench, lovely figures at various stages of painting but most around 80% complete. This means minimal painting from me to finish them but also that I can still add some touches of my own and make them mine. Particularly with the faces.

I also picked up some painted Spanish from ebay with Red facings, these are less well painted so will need a fair bit of work but give me a head start still.

So 9 Fusiliers and 3 Mounted Officers painted to start with.

This first is the only one of the Ebay purchase I have finished, in the end had to do more than expected, whilst he looked ok the painting was mainly washes so didn't match my existing range or style, but still a quick turnaround and a nice result on this guy despite losing his bayonet in the post.
The mounted officers are a real boon, I dont know what they were designed as, possibly mounted French officers with Bicornes added but they are lovely and were very close to finished already. All three horses were finished by Tony and are really nice.
This first fellow needed a last touch of very pale flesh and his metal work finishing plus the red bow in his hat, that was it.  Lovely figure.
Thi next also needed very little although I decided to add the plume, removing one from a spare French officers shako and glue/greenstuff onto this bicorne, again metal work and rosette with extra touch of pale flesh finished this chap off.
Tiny bit more to do with this chap, a few highlights particularly the green, all the metal work, rosette, pompom and flesh highlight. Particularly like what Tony did with this horse.
First of the fusiliers, these look very similar but there are 36 for me to finish so their will be more variety as more are done.
The drummer is lovely and needed very little work to finish off, again metal work and flesh highlight. Most of the Spanish Drummers I have seen are in the royal blue and red livery but this is just too nice to change so he is staying like this.
Five more fusiliers in overalls. The green needed highlights and in some cases the white too, then again metal work and flesh to finish these guys off.
Whilst writing this I got a few more finished last minute, these are all ebay purchases repainted to match my collection.
Clearly the end result of this is the addition of a Brigade of Spanish and far too much for Sharpe Practice, still they do look nice!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Nice work, presumably you will find more of the used 40mm troops to continue your project.

    1. Cheers I do already have a stack to paint and the option of some more unpainted 2nd hand stuff too, the project is completely out of hand from a small sharp practice collection heading towards brigade level games. Still I am enjoying it a lot.

  2. A lovely bit of sprucing Roger…
    I don’t think you can have too many nice toys…
    All the best. Aly

    1. Agreed Aly, thats why I am looking at buying a bunch more of them Lol

  3. Lovely stuff Roj