Wednesday 27 December 2023

40mm Spanish Napoleonic Commanders

Just a wee bit of basing this week to get some Spanish Commanders completed.

As photography has been hit and miss recently I have used two different cameras to see which provides the best results. The first is my personal phone the latter is my works phone which is a bit newer.

All three commanders are Sash and Sabre with different heads and arms on the same figure.

You may remember I picked these up along with some other Spanish from the workbench of the late Tony Runkee each one some where between 80 and 90% complete.
Tony has made a cracking job of these and the standing horse looks great.

For this chap I cut a plume from a French Hussar and used greenstuff and araldite to stick it on.

This grey is probably my favourite of the horses.
The building used for a back drop is an Old Glory 25mm believe it or not and slightly oversized even for 28mm so perfect for my requirements. A cracking model very kindly donated by my friend Chris Charlton.

You can tell the difference in pictures straight away for this my work camera, the colours are quite different and so is the focus.
I have used similar angles but not got as close up with most of these images.

All three are lovely figures although I don't have a pink unit (I cant find evidence that there ever was one) so this will just need to be an extra command figure.

The painting on this Green faced officer was slightly less progressed than the others, in all three cases I need to do the second and third layer of flesh and the metal work which was nice actually as I meant I could add something of my own to them and they wouldnt look out of place. Of course the basing will tie them to the rest of the colelction anyway.

So 30 or so part painted Spanish to finish and then another 25 or so completely unpainted to get on with.

I will dabble with the Spanish alongside getting stuck into the 3d printed Hessians and some Paris Municipal Guard fusiliers. I am well down the rabbit hole now with this collection and already planning some extras from Piano Wargames when he releases the 1809 French in campaign dress so I can 3d print a bunch and mix them with the metal stuff.

Posts are a bit slower at present as a stomach injury prevents much gaming or painting but back to normal soon I am sure.

As ever thanks for stopping by.