Wednesday 16 August 2023

Elizabethan English Based

With rules decided for Elizabethan Ireland I needed to rebase my forces.

The Irish will need to wait a little longer, I have some new figures to paint and they will need mixing in with those I already have but the English are almost done (Barring a unit more of Bills and some more Demi Lancers) I also have a unit of Demi-lancers un based as I intend to mix them with the new purchases from Redoubt.

You will also note that I have added static grass to the bases to give them a greener look, it is the Emerald Isle after all.

So first company complete is Demi-Lancers along with a mounted Command figure.

Next the two units of billmen, both very nice, the Darlo figures perhaps edging the Foundry here. You will notice I am putting command figures at the rear of bases to give them the appearance of virtual third rank, a trick we used on the Swedes in the Great Northern War collection. I think it works well.
Four companies of Pike.
The big bases give room for some diorama hence the nice log at the edge on this one.
Most of the tufts are retrieved from the original individual bases and these new bases need less tufts to flesh out the static grass.
Nice to have a unit in full armour including tassets, these could potentially be the gentlemen pike that get a bit of bonus in Irregular Wars. 
4 units of Border horse, these tough reivers must have found service in Ireland depressingly familiar.
These are all from the Jim Bowen range now Timeline, characterful chunky figures. Three horsemen per base works really well..
Timeline only really do 2 horses and the vast majority are all the same so I have used Redoubt horses to give me some variety.

We then have 5 units of Shotte, various manufacturers. Not much room on the bases for more than the grass.
Two ranks of three with command at the back feels right for these guys.
This next one is a unit of rogues, I imagine these as the flotsam of some jail in England given a musket and bundled off to Ireland.

This next is probably my favourite of the English Shotte, nice mix of figures.
This next is the heavy muskets, the rules dont differentiate but the heavy muskets like these did have a longer range giving the English an advantage of Irish shotte where they used these, a use to ponder for future games.
Lastly for the Shottey a base of mainly Assault Group Dutch figures, very nice these.
I based this chap up at the same time, an Irish Warlord with stolen battered Morion.
Lastly there is the gun, a small field piece, perhaps a Drake, fits well on the base. Completely immobile in the game will ned to consider how we use this.
So that's the majority of the English complete. I have another unit of Bills to paint and a unit of Demi-lancers to base up, with two more units coming from Redoubt. I may also invest in a further unit of Border horse and I have another commander to finish, but very nearly there for the English forces.

Before I base the Irish I have some more painting to do of figures I want to mix in with the already complete units.

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  1. I think that multi basing the figures is a major improvement to the look of this collection. Look great. Cheers, Chris

  2. Splendid stuff Roger…
    Your rebasing works really well.

    All the best. Aly

  3. Utterly mag-ni-fi-cent. 👏👏
    If they were mine I would only allow others to touch them (if at all) by the base. 😉

  4. What a fantastic collection. The bases look splendid.

  5. Looks great Roj. Definitely better with the added grass. Nice job!!

  6. A superb force! The sculpts and your painting are super characterful. Lovely stuff.

  7. Absolutely amazing thanks for sharing really inspirational work

  8. These are very nice. I like the 3" bases. Big and chunky squares are great! I was reading up on the Irish to add to my Wars of the Roses Tudor army and liked the look of this slightly later period too. Some of my club mates have been doing Border Reiver games but Ireland or the Americas looks more interesting visually. I have so many maybe ideas nothing may come of it but definitely one for the bank. I just picked up Nic's Fantastic Battles rules, which I believe are based on Irregular Wars. They look pretty good, so I'm planning to give them a go. It will be interesting to read what you think of the original set. Looking forward to more.

    1. Working on the Irish now, planning to put a game on at Partizan, I do like the rules Trev.