Wednesday 19 April 2023

Muslim Irregulars for the Sikh Wars

Nearly there with the irregulars for this project, that does mean slightly more plastics mixed in than other units, the metals are almost exhausted.

This commander is from the Perry Miniatures Victoria's Little Wars range, simple but lovely. The beehive hat is probably too Northern Afghan to really suit the Pathan tribes on the edge of the Punjab but too nice not to use.

I really like the combination of sky blue and bright yellow, a hint of pink in the sash adds a little contrast as do the orange flowers on the base. The basing department would be proud.
The musket armed tribesmen here come from 6 different ranges and are about half metal half plastic.
I have used Wargames Foundry, Perry metals and Perry Plastics, Wargames Atlantic plastics, two Old Glory and one Studio Miniatures figure.
A real mix of colours, there is a bit more light blue and orange in this than other units and with so many kneeling figures I may take the opportunity to mix a base or two amongst other units.
The Command base has  a Perry metal leader and standard bearer with an old Glory figure peeping from behind the leader and a Perry plastic kneeling in the front. to the left of the leader is the Studio Miniatures drummer.

On the very end is the other Old Glory jezailchi, typical useful pose with really odd head angle. 

I think the mix of different ranges actually fit in really well. The kneeling front rank looks a little less irregular than I would like but they are of course completely interchangeable with all my other Pathans.

Pleased with these, probably the last Pathans with firearms but one more with blades to follow. more to come.


  1. Good colours Roger. Not the easiest thing to pull off.

  2. Another lovely looking addition to your collection Roger.
    I do like the colours combination…

    All the best. Aly

  3. Very nice Roger - I have some painted OG Pathans somewhere - I might have a hunt around for them and give them their moment in the sun!

  4. Good work Roj. I’d expect nothing less ;-) cheers, Chris

  5. Fantastic looking figures- lovely brushwork.