Saturday 8 April 2023

Battle of Axminster Monmouth Rebellion AAR

Chris has been working on a 17th century project for some time, essentially a Monmouth rebellion project that has escalated to potentially cover Scotland, Ireland and Elsewhere (Tangiers?)

Last night we got the chance to get some of this on table for the first time using Pike and Shotte rules. Surprisingly fun game.

Based on an engagement that never quite got going. the Militias of the Southwest were to meet at Axminster and then take on Monmouth, he got there first with a small force, saw off the first counties militia before ambushing the Devonshire militia. Historically the Militia cavalry spotted the ambush and fled, our game assumes they stood and fought.
Steve had Monmouths best troops, a battalion and a gun, in ambush behind a hedge concealed by a wood. Meanwhile I commanded three battallia of foot and two troops of cavalry across the river. The royalist militias needed to capture the bridge over the river.
The Royalists are led by two troops of Militia cavalry and have 6 battalia of foot. The troops on both sides are classed as militia.

Steve's red regiment (Dressed in the historical Purple Monmouth brought with him) support the gun which opens up on the Royalist vanguard and immediately disorders the cavalry.
Meanwhile I push forward the rebel cavalry hoping to catch a unit of militia still in line of march.
Spotting the danger Chris F begins to deploy his foot through the hedge line and into firing lines.
The cavalry being disordered cant move and take a second shot causing a casualty and further disorder from the gun.
My cavalry have taken so long to cross the river, multiple failed or low orders, that Chris has 3 battallia all lined up waiting for me, fortuitousley I roll a double six and blunder, the result is retire and my troops belt back to their starting point over the river, Great. 

Thats all well and good but Chris C has three battallia starting to organise themselves to take on the gun and red regiment and Steve could do with some support.  Fortunately the gun hits the Royal cavalry again and they flee the field.
The first regiment of militia charge up the hill and are thrown back by the ambushers.
Meanwhile I start to move my cavalry around the rear of my forces to support Steve, a really good movement roll sees me get three moves and belt over the river and onto the flank of Chris's beleagured militia regiments.
Chris F comes to the rescue, wheeling one regiment to fire into my cavalry before they can charge, We take no casualties but a disorder means we cant charge.
Chris has finally seen off the Monmouth Red regiment and decides his only choice to escape the cavalry is to charge the gun and take cover behind the hedge, Unfortunately seem to be SAS gunners or some such, with just one dice in Hand to Hand they see of Chris who is now disordered at the bottom of the hill with cavalry on his flank.
Chris F disorders the cavalry again but the second squadron pass through the first and charge the unhappy militia.
Bizarely the militia fight so well they hold the cavalry for the first round of melee. Look at all those sixes!
The fight goes to a third round before the cavalry finally get the better of the royalist militia and they flee the table.
The Royalists are in something of a fix now, they have cavalry on their flanks with cavalry of their own to counter it. They are still receiving artillery fire and the Monmouth infantry can be seen marching forwards to cross the river.
Chris Flowers decides discretion is the better part of valour and begins to retire his right hand three regiments and Chris Charlton  attempts to disengage from the rebel cavalry.
A rousing victory for the rebel cause, A Monmouth, A Monmouth!
Great fun and Pike and Shotte played better than expected, I look forward to another game with these. I think a Tangiers game is planned so keep an eye out for that.

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  1. That's a beautiful looking game!


  2. A terrific looking and sounding game Roger…
    A period that I find fascinating… I think it would also work well with Pikeman’s Lament…

    All the best. Aly

    1. Thanks Aly, we looked at Pikemans lament but were not overly enamoured.

  3. Fantastic looking figures and table Roger. Are they Front Rank miniatures? It's a period I have considered more than once myself...I think it would be possible to extend it into the Glorious Revolution period of William v James's II as well. I like the way the units are based too, a nice size to allow a decent number on each side without filling up the whole table with wall to wall troops!

    1. Thank you and we are indeed already working on plas for James and William, mainly in Ireland.

    2. 99.9% Front Rank! A single command base of Warfare. Working towards quite a bit repurposed for Ireland. Cheers, Chris

    3. Thanks Chris, I missed fully answering that.

  4. Lovely looking figures and battle 👍

  5. A splendid read and visual treat. A period that has always called out to me but having painted so many figures of the period for other folk one that I have never got around to for myself.

    1. Very versatile Phil, as well as Monmouth there is Covenantersin Scotland alongside the Glorious revolution Jacobites in Ireland and Scotland and Tangiers

  6. A fabulous looking game, and a very exciting battle report 👍. I think the P&S rules can produce great fun games, like this, with a nice period feel when you get the right balance of special rules etc. We’ve been trying out P&S with ‘fire then move’ in the game sequence, which gives us the feel we prefer, but like so many rule mechanics, it is a personal choice thing I think 😀.

  7. Gorgeous! Trying really hard to resist a start in this period and this kind of thing really doesn't help! :-)