Sunday 9 January 2022

Latest Sikh Regulars

With lots of 40mm Peninsualr posts thought I would breka it up with an unpublished post on some Sikhs I did a little while ago. These guys will take me to two full brigades each of 2 regiments each of those of two battalions.

Some of these images are a little dark so apologies guys.

These guys have a darker uniform than some of the other battalions so provide a nice contrast. 
The pinkish turbans are bright but not overly so, happy with that balance for now.
These figures are all Studio iniatures and some of the nicer figures from their early releases, taller and slimmer than Foundry they really need to be in seperate units. 
This lot were spare from Colin Ashtons lovely collection, thanks Colin, hope you like how they came out.

I also had this British officer back at the same time, really useful figure, the frock coat making him generic for any unit.
Another Perry Carlist Wars officer his uniform is non the less ideal for India. I wont need many more command figures now I think.

Ok thats it for these guys, the collection still has a way to go, its not the beginning of the end but perhaps the end of the begining.


  1. Another very attractive unit Roger…
    The British officer is particularly characterful…

    All the best. Aly

  2. An attractively attired unit indeed! A very interesting era/ conflict with lots of eye candy uniforms and unusual units.

    1. Certainly is and thankyou, one of my favourite periods.

  3. Fantastic job! The unit and officer look amazing!

  4. The Khalsa are such a fabulous looking army! Nice brushwork!

    1. Thank you John, another 4 or so eventually to do.

  5. Noice. The pink turbans work really well