Sunday 16 January 2022

40mm Spanish Peninsular Progress

 I have managed a decent ammount of painting over the festive period with most focus being on my Spanish Line for the 40mm peninsular side project which seems to have taken over my life a little bit in recent weeks.

With 8 already complete these here bring me very close to completion, so if I can get a few more French Ligne we would have enough for a small game.

The colour combination for this unit is ideal and one of my favourites, I have however been keen to try and get units looking as diverse as possible, so the three different figure shave been really useful for the Spanish. To illustrate how different the same figure can be with these I have split them into the three figure packs, starting here with the figure in waistcoat and breaches. This probably has the greatest variety, you can see that as well as the head varients (including one nicked from the uniformed Guerilla figure) we have choices of sleevless waistcoat and one waistocat with sash. With a bit of variety to the trouser and shirt colours this gives a lot of variety to the pack.
This figure in uniform overall trousers has less variety but still has different water bottles and the odd figure with waistocat peeping out under the coatee. Add the head varients and different trouser colours and we still get a decent mix.
Lastly breeches and coatee, again mainly the difference is trouser colour and some with no stockings, however the one figure with a blanket over the shoulder again adds something, there is another one of these and the blanket on that will contrast with this one.

I have also made a start on my French Ligne. I intend to have probably 32 line infantry, mainly marching in habit, but with a smattering in sleeved waistcoat as here. Oddly these heads all have the later pompom that is semi hollow, as I am doing the earlier period I am popping some greenstuff in the middle to give them earlier pompom except these two who have had there's removed before I got them.
The Spanish Officer looks suitably arrogant striding forward and the red sash and longer coat tails set him off rather well.
The coin he is mounted on is a King George Shilling but as its been based onto its too hard to clean up so leaving at as the base.
This chap will be supported by a couple of NCO's to keep the troops in-line.

Whilst completing this post I managed another 4 figures, three of the Spanish, one the other guy with a blanket over his shoulder, and one more French Ligne. This Spanish unit has 4 more figures to go before its completed and then just needs basing.
Just goes to show if i hang on to a post for long enough I will have to add more to it, the last 4 Spanish are completed taking the unit as a whole to a point of painted, just the basing to do and they are ready for action. Flags are from GMB designs and think look nice even though they are designed for 28mm figures. Strangely these are smaller than the British flags for the 88th but larger than the French flag.
Great progress, hopign to get these based shortly and have a little photo shoot of finished units.


  1. Once again, lovely work on these very fine figures - you must have quite a number completed now?

    1. Thanks, yes enough allies for a game really, just need a bunch more French which I ma about to start work on.

  2. Just gorgeous. Going to be a joy to play with :-)


  3. Damn! Those figures are really amazing! I have to try once something bigger than 28mm and also Napoleonic!

    1. Cheers very much Bartek, I am really enjoying painting these, cracking on with some French now.